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Show Notes 4-29-21
Buried Lead - Washington Post Outlines AG Barr As Key Figure Who Blocked Declassification of Spygate Documents - The Last Refuge
Opinion | How Kash Patel aided Trump’s battle with the intelligence community - The Washington Post
In Final Days, Trump Gave Up on Forcing Release of Russiagate Files, Nunes Prober Says | RealClearInvestigations
Kash Patel Responds to Allegations & Reflects on Declassifications, Exposing Uyghur Genocide | Pt. 1 - YouTube
Declassified FISA Court Opinion for 2020 Shows Even More Warrantless FBI Abuses of NSA Database Including Search Queries for Government Officials and Victims - The Last Refuge
"Mistakes Were Made", Video Outline to Explain History of FISA Court Abuse - The Last Refuge
The FISA Swamp - YouTube
It's Official, The FISA Court is Compromised - Presiding Judge James Boasberg Hires Former DOJ-NSD Head, Mary McCord, as Amici Curiae to Advise The Court - The Last Refuge
JoeBama Put The Gang Back Together Inside The DOJ - John Carlin Returns as Acting Deputy AG - The Last Refuge
Biden Admin Officials Had Roles in Probes, Surveillance of Trump Campaign
Pence Breaks Silence on Election Integrity But Ignores His Role in Events of Jan. 6