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CIR Show Notes 10182020
Citizens IReport | We Are the News Now
Citizens IReport
(5) Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Biden is a National Security threat!" / Twitter
(3) Chip Franklin on Twitter: "BREAKING: JFK Jr tests positive for COVID and dies again, spoiling Qanon plans to replace Pence as Trump’s VP." / Twitter
(3) TMZ on Twitter: "QAnon's JFK Jr. Conspiracy Theory Foiled, No Dallas Rally This Weekend" / Twitter
Adam Schiff claims Hunter Biden email stories come 'from the Kremlin' | Fox News
Grant Stinchfield on Twitter: "The media calls #Q a cult group that believes in Satanic Sex rings, vampires and inter dimensional beings. I searched #QAnons posts and found Zero mention of any of those things. ZERO. The media lies to hurt @realDonaldTrump #FakeNews #qanon" / Twitter
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(5) Alexandra Chalupa on Twitter: "Steve Bannon is a terrorist more dangerous to the United States than Osama bin Laden ever was. He belongs in a high security prison for life. Any journalist or news outlet treating him as anything but a code red threat is aiding and abetting the enemy. Everyone is on notice." / Twitter
(11) EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden's son emailed shop owner about hard drive to 'get it back': Former Trump chief - YouTube
(11) GOP Leader McCarthy and Rep Devin Nunes With Maria Bartiromo - YouTube
(11) Sen Ron Johnson With Maria Bartiromo - YouTube
E. on Twitter: "" / Twitter