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(20) American Islandman on Twitter: "Biden’s Treasury Dept. Declares IRS Will Monitor Transactions of ALL U.S. Accounts Over $600." / Twitter
(20) Rep. Brett Guthrie on Twitter: "President Biden wants to know what's in your bank account. President Biden’s proposal in his budget would allow the IRS to monitor your financial transactions from any personal or business account with $600 or more. This is a violation of privacy and a government overreach." / Twitter
(20) Tim Pool on Twitter: "Democrats new IRS rule of tracking all accounts with at least $600 is designed to enforce taxes on the poor and working class They claim its about "high earners" $600 is a low threshold for "high earners"" / Twitter
(20) Hannah Jane Boissonneault on Twitter: "Biden’s new proposal to allow the IRS to monitor personal or business bank, Venmo, PayPal, and other account transactions with $600 or more is incredibly dangerous and invasice, especially to small business owners. why are we not talking about this? where is the outrage?" / Twitter
(20) Scott Dulaney on Twitter: "The IRS wants to monitor banking transactions. They want to be able to look at any account with an over $600 balance. There is no legal authority for this. And there is an over 200 year history of this not happening. The Federal government has lost its way." / Twitter
(20) Erica ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ on Twitter: "Seriously @JoeBiden ๐ŸงSo you want the #IRS to monitor our bank accounts of everyone who $600 plus in it. What? Monitor this - NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS #BidenAdministration #ImpeachBidenHarrisNOW" / Twitter
(20) Dr. Mark Young on Twitter: "Today @JoeBiden told us that he needs to monitor all bank accounts with over $600, in order to catch tax cheating billionaires, because everyone knows that if you have $600 in the bank you must be a billionaire." / Twitter
(20) Libertarian-In-Chief on Twitter: "When I was in banking, we had to start reporting people who moved over $10,000 of cash at a time. It was a huge invasion of privacy & the only people we ever reported were small business owners Now, Biden wants the limit lowered to $600 & almost everyone will be on “the list”" / Twitter
(20) Lily on Twitter: "If Joe proceeds with this unethical IRS monitoring, we should all deposit and withdraw $600 every single day just to break their algorithms." / Twitter
(20) Glenn Beck on Twitter: "Your taxes are no longer enough for the government. To ensure you’re paying your "fair share," the government now wants banks to report all transactions over $600. That's not just for the wealthy. That's for EVERYONE." / Twitter
(20) John Cardillo on Twitter: "Biden wants to monitor banking transactions of $600 or more. That’s not about preventing billionaires from sending money offshore. That’s about controlling every single aspect of your life." / Twitter
(20) John Solomon on Twitter: "IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Biden plan; businesses revolt | Just The News" / Twitter
(20) Rep. Jim Jordan on Twitter: "The IRS targeted conservatives during the Obama Administration. Now they want to track your bank transactions during the Biden Administration. Whatever happened to privacy?" / Twitter
(20) Mets fan 67 on Twitter: "@POTUS ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚then why do you want the IRS to monitor all bank transactions $600+ ? Asking for a friend." / Twitter
(20) Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter: "Biden wants to give the IRS access to every bank account over $600. This is part of a much broader scheme to instill fear in citizens, a signpost on the road to tyranny." / Twitter
(20) Coach Tommy Tuberville on Twitter: "Right now, the IRS can find out about every $10,000 you spend, but now they want to move it all the way down to $600. The American people don't need the IRS in their business." / Twitter
(20) Senator Mike Rounds on Twitter: "The Biden admin is proposing a requirement that banks report annualized transactions for all accounts with more than $600 or $600 in activity to the IRS. Bankers are not IRS agents! I’ve introduced legislation w/ @SenCrapo that stops this excessive government intrusion." / Twitter
(20) Newt Gingrich on Twitter: "Biden proposal to have every $600 bank deposit or withdrawal be reported to the government combined with 85,000 new IRS agents should frighten every American.This is big government socialism going your congressman and senator and demand they stop it." / Twitter
(20) Senator Cynthia Lummis on Twitter: "Sen. Lummis slams Yellen over $600 IRS reporting requirement #FoxBusiness" / Twitter
(20) Vijay Boyapati on Twitter: "$600 today only has the purchasing power that $85 had in 1970, yet @SecYellen wants every transaction above this paltry sum to be reported to the government. This is an major attack on the financial privacy of U.S. citizens that a Chinese government would be proud of. Shame!" / Twitter
(20) Scott Rasmussen on Twitter: "73% Oppose Plan Requiring Banks to Notify IRS of All Personal Transactions Over $600" / Twitter
(20) Crypto Hotep on Twitter: "They say “tax the rich” but are imposing a law to report bank transactions over $600………" / Twitter
(20) Peter Schiff on Twitter: "The fact that #Democrats want to force banks to report all transactions as low as $600 to the #IRS is proof that the real targets of their enhanced tax enforcement legislation are not the rich, but lower and middle income taxpayers. This is a classic government bait and switch!" / Twitter
(20) Dr Strangetweet or How I learned to love the RT on Twitter: "You probably think the IRS monitoring any account over $600 is about tax cheats. We are not the same." / Twitter
(20) Peter Schiff on Twitter: "If banks have to bear the added expense of reporting all checks as low as $600, not only does this represent a huge loss of privacy for Americans, empowering future oppression by a tyrannical government, but banks will have to significantly raise fees for small checking accounts!" / Twitter
(20) Anthony on Twitter: "Nebraska has become the first state saying that they will not comply with the Biden administrations plan to allow the IRS to view any transactions a person makes a transaction over $600..." / Twitter
(20) Nikki Haley on Twitter: "The price tag of the Democrat's massive spending bills is deeply concerning, but let's not forget that they are also trying to give the IRS the ability to spy on any bank account with over $600. The last thing the government needs is more power." / Twitter
(20) Congressman William Timmons on Twitter: "I asked Treasury Secretary Yellen about the proposed rule to monitor Americans’ bank accounts that have over $600. I believe this is a huge invasion of our privacy rights, and I have heard from hundreds of folks across the Upstate who feel the same." / Twitter
(20) Julio Gonzalez - on Twitter: "BREAKING: The state of Nebraska will not comply with the Biden Administration’s plan to allow the IRS to surveil the bank accounts of Americans. A huge win for limited government!" / Twitter
(20) Nancy Pelosi Portfolio Tracker on Twitter: "The government wants to force banks to report all transactions as low as $600 to the IRS but turns a blind eye on insider trading among politicians." / Twitter
(20) ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธProudArmyBrat on Twitter: "JB wants the IRS to see every transaction we make if we have $600+ in our bank accounts!! That is none of their business!! What is the purpose of this??" / Twitter
(20) Nancy Pelosi Portfolio Tracker on Twitter: "The IRS wants us to report all $600 dollar transactions but blindly looks away from insider trading transactions with high level Federal employees." / Twitter
(20) John Cardillo on Twitter: "Vax passports to travel and a per mile tax to drive. IRS monitoring of every transaction in accounts with over $600 They want to control every aspect of your life. Fight the tyrants until your last breath." / Twitter
(20) Steve on Twitter: "How about a law that requires the IRS to publish tax returns and bank account transactions over $600 for every member of Congress and presidential appointee? Included would be the year prior to taking office and four years after leaving." / Twitter
(20) Rising serpent ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ on Twitter: "How come the IRS gets to track the movement of $600 from your bank account but taxpayers have no way to track the trillions of dollars in spending bills the government takes from us?" / Twitter
(20) Carol Roth on Twitter: "The govt is trying to sneak in provisions to the budget that would allow the IRS to track all the activity in any financial account over $600, and you think they really are going after "the rich"? They are going after you." / Twitter