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Jan 2017 Tweets
Seesaw on Twitter: "Seesaw Ambassadors put together 100 ways students use Seesaw!"
Julie Jacobs on Twitter: "🎓If you aren't sure how big kids use @Seesaw, take a look at the ideas & examples posted here! #tlap #ditchbook"
Seesaw on Twitter: "Thanks to Seesaw Ambassador Sara Connell for sharing these task cards! Free to use in your class! @sconnell72"
Julie Jacobs on Twitter: "❤️Here are totally terrific creation tools that we use K-12! Whatever Ss create gets saved & shared in @Seesaw! #satchat #satchatwc"
Jasmyne Burns on Twitter: "Great job utilizing @Seesaw Ms. K. Jackson! I showed her how to use the tool once and she's taken off! 🤗 @ksuiteach @FeldwoodES #"
Natalie Davis on Twitter: "Here's an awesome tool for students. Check it out @StuartElemLMC @melparker123 ! @sw_ITRT @411onEdTech @TheWright1_ @itrt_cyndi @PfisterITRT"
Sarah Webster on Twitter: "Open Educational Resources! #OER #relevance #future @divein2edtech @PGARDNER @RVAITRTs @TheWright1_ @411onEdTech"
Laura Howell on Twitter: "Rah-rah! I've finished reading my 1st book for LAUNCH! Starting book #2: Learn Like a Pirate @PaulSolarz. #Launchbook #Sixtybooks"
Meredith Johnson on Twitter: "A1. Love this chart that explains personalization, differentiation and individualization for the learner. #satchat"
Gudny S. Olafsdottir on Twitter: "#edtechteam @sylviaduckworth Thanks for a great day - I have learned a lot! I love Bitmojis :)"
Sarah Webster on Twitter: "@HoosballSmith 3rg grade made habitat posters in @PicMonkey then shared on @padlet @ChimborazoES @RPS_Schools"
Common Sense Ed on Twitter: "While not an outright replacement, these field trip #apps, etc. can offer intriguing experiences for Ss #edtech"
andre daughty on Twitter: "Librarian Approved 30 Ed. Tech Apps that Inspire Creativity and Creation"
Sarah Webster on Twitter: "This is awesome! Thank you!"
Sarah Webster on Twitter: "@HoosballSmith 3rg grade did an awesome job making their habitat posters in @PicMonkey ! Then shared on @padlet @ChimborazoES @RPS_Schools"
Kayla Delzer on Twitter: "We are settling in with our new pieces from @TradeWestEDU! Here are the @TopDogKids focused on vocab squares today. #flexibleseating"
Office of Ed Tech on Twitter: "#GoOpen. It's more than a hashtag, it's a movement. #OER #edtechchat #21stedchat"
Office of Ed Tech on Twitter: "Are your students using #edtech passively, or to create, design, build, explore, & collaborate? #edchat #elemchat"
David T. Peck on Twitter: "We have to build #relationships , #educate ,open minds, & unlock doors to provide #opportunities for our students. Don't waste a single day."
Dr. Justin Tarte on Twitter: "If you could stop doing everything in #education & wipe the plate clean & start over again, what would make it back on the plate? #edchat"
Kid President on Twitter: "Keep making the world better, people. Thanks for being here."
Lisa Duty on Twitter: "Nothing could be more absurd than adding #edtech but changing nothing else. -Pappert #personalizedlearning"