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Maarten Den Braber
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Rethinking the hospital - The value of business models for hospitals
The Pocket Drone - Your personal flying robot by AirDroids — Kickstarter
Tokyo Vacation Rentals & Rooms for Rent - Airbnb
Home - Ultimaker
Meet hue - Philips hue
IFTTT / Philips hue Channel
A Centrifuge built from VCR parts
Towards an inexpensive open-source desktop CT scanner | the Tricorder project
Is This 3-D Printed Cast the Future of Healing Broken Bones? | Wired Design |
Quantified Self Meetup Groups - Amsterdam - Meetup
8:36pm - a set on Flickr
Narrative - automatic lifelogging camera
RunKeeper | Get The App | RunKeeper
Nike+ FuelBand SE. Activity Tracker & Fitness Monitor.
Moves - Activity Tracker for iPhone and Android
Fitbit® Force™
Withings - Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 - Gallery
Health Mate
Basis — health and heart rate monitor for wellness and fitness
Sleep Details | Basis
Beddit is a new kind of device and app for tracking & improving sleep and wellness
UP24 by Jawbone | Wristband + App | Track how you sleep, move and eat.
IFTTT / UP by Jawbone Channel
Stand Tall. Feel Great. Introducing Lumo Lift.
What Is Propeller? - YouTube
XPRIZE | Making the Impossible Possible
Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE | Healthcare in the palm of your hand
Scanadu | Sending your Smart Phone to Med School
Pixie Scientific Smart Diapers | Indiegogo
Vital Connect
Health Watch
Could Fitness Be The Killer App For Google Glass? Race Yourself Crowd Funds £100K For GlassFit App | TechCrunch
Google Glass prototype enables surgeons to view vital signs continuously while operating
Eyes-On Glasses Help See Veins, Place Needles
Google Develops Blood Sugar-Monitoring Contact Lenses For Diabetics - PSFK
TellSpec | Beam Your Health Up
Therapeutic Areas - Proteus Digital Health
uChek Universal: The medical lab in your phone | Indiegogo
Sign In - WellnessFX
23andMe - Genetic Testing for Ancestry; DNA Test
Health and Traits - Drug Response - 23andMe
uBiome - Explore your Microbiome
Beyond Verbal - The Emotions Analytics Company - Beyond Verbal
Parkinson's Voice Initiative
Main Page -
IBM Watson
Have at it, programmers: IBM makes Watson available via API — Tech News and Analysis
Structurally and functionally accurate bioprinted human tissue models | Organovo
The xNT implantable NFC chip | Indiegogo