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Author Amanda McCormick | Aspiring Author, Voracious Reader, Part-Time Blogger, Addicted to Reviewing Books and Writing Novels.
Writing Kennel | A place to explore writing as an artform
Read Listen Nibble
Heather R. Stephens | perception, writing, and oxford commas
Blog – Flying Kitty Studio
Alishia Johnson – "And we continued to dance under the stars, with not a care in the world for we know that tomorrow, we would have hell to pay. But tonight, we give the devil a run for his money." -a.j.
Plot Bunny Whack-a-mole – a battle verbial, one author stands alone against the tides of Caerbannog
Tales from Kenroth – Blog for writing Endeavors
Haven of Chaos – Expressing my chaos, one post at a time…
Flying Kitty Studio – Flying Kitty Studio where creativity comes to life.
Blog - Myloe Yeager
Here There Be Games - HTBG Blog
New Challenges New Words! | Gianna Robbin Writes
The Written Life
Blog Challenge: Introduction – Mandascribes