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Show Notes 06082021
(10) Kamala Harris tells migrants 'do not come' during talks in Guatemala - YouTube
Guatemalan protesters greet Kamala… ‘Trump won, go home!’… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS
(10) Guatemala: Protest against Harris visit - YouTube
Giant ‘Trump Won’ banner unveiled at Fenway Park… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS
(10) "Trump Won" at Boston Fenway ... LOVE IT!! - YouTube
(10) Trump Won Fenway - YouTube
(6) Dion Cini on Twitter: "Must see body cam Trump Won Fenway, highlights. Staff at Fenway committed grand larceny, stole my +$250 flag and I want it back! #TrumpWon #SaveAmerica" / Twitter
Rockstar Reception, Crowd Goes Wild For Governor Ron DeSantis During Gulf Coast Beach Music Festival - The Last Refuge
Crowd Goes WILD When Ron DeSantis Appears at FL Music Festival
Crowd Goes WILD When Gov DeSantis Says This At A Concert
(10) Trump may tap Florida Gov. DeSantis as running mate in potential 2024 run - YouTube
(10) Body Language expert is 'seeing double' - YouTube