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Show Notes 09-26-2021
(4) Had to do it...😂😂😂 - YouTube
FBI Allegedly Had 12 Informants In Michigan Kidnapping Case
(4) WATCH: Sen. Chuck Grassley asks how FBI agents involved in Nassar case were disciplined - YouTube
Judge rules against Federal Prosecutors — Orders release of January 6th videos… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS
Greenwald: FBI Involvement In Capitol Riot Not A "Crazy Conspiracy Theory," This Is What They Do | Video | RealClearPolitics
Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Raises Questions About Jan 6th Security Footage Showing Black-Clad Operatives Leading the Charge into The Capitol Building; "How Many Federal Agents Were Involved?" - (Video)
(4) Law abiding citizen (It's Gonna Be Biblical) - YouTube