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(5) Dr. Avi Dascalu, MD, PhD on Twitter: "Omicron, new raw data from Israel: - 42 boostered = 76% - 13 either twice vaccinated or non vaccinated (no data). 3rd boostered in 🇮🇱 are about 70%. Out of omicron patients only 38% are symptomatic!! If data is extrapolated, we've got a 60% asymptomatics!😳" / Twitter
Covid study suggests catching Omicron strain may protect against Delta | Daily Mail Online
The END of testing nightmare for travellers? Ministers could scrap pre-flight Covid swabs | Daily Mail Online
REPORT: Over 95% of Omicron Cases are in Vaccinated People.
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there's something antigenic in denmark: boosters show negative vaccine efficacy for cases
is original antigenic sin starting to dominate covid?
Original Antigenic Sin is a Real and Very Serious Reason to Stop Vaccinating Everyone
More on Original Antigenic Sin and the Folly of Our Universal Vaccination Campaign
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