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Show Notes for 11-17-2021
Kyle Rittenhouse, Project Veritas, and the Inability to Think in Terms of Principles - by Glenn Greenwald - Glenn Greenwald
Project Veritas, Assange, and the Authoritarian Decrees of Who Is a "Real Journalist" - YouTube
House Judiciary Committee Receives Whistleblower Documents Showing DOJ and FBI are Using Domestic Terrorism Taskforce to Monitor Parents - The Last Refuge
FDR’s Sorry Domestic Spying Record
J. Edgar Hoover - Conservapedia
FLASHBACK: Activists Burglarized An FBI Office, Made Off With Docs Revealing How The Bureau Spied On Americans For Political Gain | The Daily Caller
FBI whistleblower alleges DOJ used counter-terrorism tactics against parents - YouTube
Citizens IReport | Linktree