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CIR Show Notes 06252020 Flynn/Biden/Strzok
Flynn Case Update – Appeals Court Orders Judge Sullivan to Dismiss Flynn Case… | The Last Refuge
Sidney Powell Discusses Latest Flynn Developments With Lou Dobbs… | The Last Refuge
(50) Trump reacts to appeals court order to drop Michael Flynn case - YouTube
(51) Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs: Special Counsel Was The Insurance Plan All Along. - YouTube
(51) General Flynn With Sean Hannity: I Don't Have Time For Hate In My Heart. - YouTube
(51) Appeals court orders jugde to drop Michael Flynn case - YouTube
(50) Flynn’s attorney takes a swipe at FBI: 'There's a criminal conspiracy in there' - YouTube
(6) Techno Fog on Twitter: "🚹Peter Strzok notes from 1/4/17 released in Flynn case: Discussion among Obama, Comey, Yates, Biden, and Susan Rice. Biden: "Logan Act" Obama: "Have the right people on" Flynn case. Comey: The Flynn/Kislyak calls "appear legit."" / Twitter
Strzok’s newly discovered FBI notes deliver jolt to ‘Obamagate’ evidence | Just The News