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(4) Antibiotic Classes in 7 minutes!! - YouTube
(4) Pharmacology - DRUGS FOR DIABETES (MADE EASY) - YouTube
CPT-01-01-01 What is clinical pharmacology? on Vimeo
CPT-01-07-60 Adverse Drug Reactions - 6 - Pharmacovigilance on Vimeo
CPT-02-02-05 CVS - What are the causes of cardiovascular disease? on Vimeo
CPT-02-02-04 CVS - How does the body respond to haemorrhage? on Vimeo
CPT-02-02-03 CVS - How is blood volume regulated? on Vimeo
CPT-02-02-02 CVS - How is blood pressure regulated? on Vimeo
CPT-02-02-01 CVS - What are the functions of the cardiovascular system? on Vimeo
CPT-01-02-06 Efficacy-potency on Vimeo
CPT-01-02-07 Selectivity on Vimeo
CPT-01-02-09 Therapeutic index on Vimeo
CPT-01-02-02 What are receptors? on Vimeo
CPT-01-02-03 What are non-receptor targets? on Vimeo
CPT-01-02-01 What are the mechanisms of drug action? on Vimeo
CPT-01-01-05 What are challenges for prescribers? on Vimeo
CPT-01-01-00 How should you organise your CPT learning? on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-Drugs-DMARDS-2014 on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-CVS-Arrhythmias-Drugs-2014 on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-Drugs-Bones-2014 on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-Respiratory-Drugs-2014 on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-Drug Development and Regulation-2014 on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-Parasympathetic NS-2014 on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-Pharmacogenetics-2014 on Vimeo
Y1-CPT-Clinical Trials-2014 on Vimeo