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CIR Show Notes 1-7-2020
(38) PART 2: Explosive FBI Agent Peter Strzok Hearing On Anti-Trump Bias - YouTube
(38) Citizens Investigative Report - YouTube
Devin Nunes Tells Sara Carter: “ICIG Michael Atkinson is Under Active Investigation”… | The Last Refuge
Devin Nunes: 'Republicans have an active investigation into (IG Michael)Atkinson' - Sara A. Carter
Michael Atkinson (Inspector General) - Wikipedia
Michael k Atkison | Congressional Oversight | United States Intelligence Community
Nunes: Intelligence IG ‘Knowingly Changed’ Whistleblower Complaint Form
Breitbart News Sunday - Devin Nunes - October 6, 2019 by Breitbart | Free Listening on SoundCloud
'E3' group of countries called on Iran to refrain from any violent action - Reuters
Gohmert doubles down after FBI dismisses claim of Clinton server hack | Fox News
(38) Ex-inspector general: Blowback came from Clinton allies - YouTube