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CIR Show Notes 01-19-2020
(6) Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) questions FBI Director Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Investigation (C-SPAN) - YouTube
(6) QAnon - Treasonous Tarmac Meeting VIDEO Will Be Released - YouTube
(6) #QAnon - Real vs Actual, IG Report, Potus Tweets Tarmac WOW! - YouTube
(6) Trey Gowdy reveals Trump's 'single best piece of evidence' - YouTube
Justice Dept. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey - The New York Times
(26) Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "So now Comey’s admitting he was wrong. Wow, but he’s only doing so because he got caught red handed. He was actually caught a long time ago. So what are the consequences for his unlawful conduct. Could it be years in jail? Where are the apologies to me and others, Jim?" / Twitter
Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election. - The New York Times
How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of the Clinton probe - The Washington Post
(6) Attorney general cracks down on "culture of leaking" - YouTube
(6) Sessions addresses White House leaks during testimony - YouTube
(6) James Comey under fire after reportedly being investigated over leaks - YouTube
(6) Feds reportedly investigating 2017 leak, with focus on James Comey - YouTube
CIA admits to spying on Senate staffers | World news | The Guardian
Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: "It was all a Set-up" - Sara A. Carter
People | HERMES Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
HERMES Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
Internal FBI documents show White House lied about Comey firing – ThinkProgress
Reporter who revealed Bill Clinton's tarmac chat with Loretta Lynch doesn't believe golf excuse
Hermeticism - Wikipedia
baphomet as above so below at DuckDuckGo
Video Appears to Show the Day Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Met on Tarmac Video - ABC News
(23) James Comey on Twitter: "“Every time you assault and stereotype a person, you’ve ripped the social fabric. Every time you see that person deeply and make him or her feel known, you’ve woven it.” David Brooks (2/18 NY Times) is right that we all need to be weavers if we are to heal our beloved country." / Twitter
(23) James Comey on Twitter: "" / Twitter
(27) Nick Lewin | LinkedIn