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AMD Ryzen Pre-order Starts Today, Specs and Performance Revealed | PC Perspective
AMD Launching Ryzen 5 Six Core Processors Soon (Q2 2017) | PC Perspective
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iPhone owners in US spent $40 each on apps in 2016 - CNET
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The Alternative Facts of Cable Companies
High performance communication by people with paralysis using an intracortical brain-computer interface | eLife
Americans think robots will take everyone else’s jobs but not theirs
Tesla is so sure its cars are safe that it now offers insurance for life
Google’s Waymo sues Uber, alleging theft of trade secrets | Ars Technica
Self-driving cars should be liable for accidents, not the passengers—UK gov’t | Ars Technica UK
UPS Tries Arming Its Brown-Clad Drivers With an Octocopter Drone - Bloomberg
Microsoft Research developing an AI to put coders out of a job - MSPoweruser
Google’s plan to make talk less toxic - BBC News
A Super Smash Bros-playing AI has taught itself how to stomp professional players — Quartz
Linux 4.10 - Linux Kernel Newbies
Exoplanet discovery: seven Earth-sized planets found orbiting nearby star | Science | The Guardian
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