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For those who didn't catch it on Twitter: here's the announcement from +Stephen…
What is Peeragogy? It's "Learning for the People!" TOPIC: What would YOU like…
The Harkness Moment of the 21st Century: Connected Courses and Syndicated Learning #MITmassive
From Andragogy to Heutagogy
My PLN Blueprint in 5 parts | My Island View
PowerPoint Presentation
elearnspace › Open Learning Analytics. Again
The Blockchain for Education: An Introduction
NRC01PL 08 - YouTube
Learning and Performance Support Systems - YouTube
#NRC01PL Good Friday Hangout - YouTube
Stephen Downes - YouTube
Between Empowerment and Patronization: 40 Years IT | x28's new Blog
#NRC01PL Personal Learning Assistants | Jenny Connected
#NRC01PL Choice and Agency | x28's new Blog
Multilitteratus Incognitus: Gimme an El! Gimme a Pee! Gimme and Ess and an Ess!
Multilitteratus Incognitus: PLE, the Learner, Open Learning, and...Academia
Discussion - NRC01 | Learning and Performance Support System
NRC01 Course Info | Learning and Performance Support System
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