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2022 Collaborative Journalism | Transcripts
Solving for Chicago: One year later (CJS2022 Day 1) -
CIMA: How dozens of news outlets collectively raise money to support sustainability (CJS2022 Day 1) -
Change Agents: A look inside a new collaborative podcast series (CJS2022 Day 1) -
Medill’s social justice and local news partnerships: collaboration, investigation and education (CJS2022 Day 1) -
The role of translation in collaborations (CJS2022 Day 1) -
Keynote address by Marina Walker Guevara (CJS2022 Day 2) -
Research roundtable: Cross-field collaborations (CJS2022 Day 2) -
Research roundtable: Collaborative scaffolding and solutions journalism (CJS2022 Day 2) -
Research roundtable: Collaboration between universities and journalism organizations (CJS2022 Day 2) -
Making money beyond grants | Sponsored by Lenfest (CJS2022 Day 2) -
Lightning talks (CJS2022 Day 2) -
Methods of collaborative distribution (CJS2022 Day 2) -
Regional collaboration: Lessons from public media (CJS2022 Day 2) -