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Show Notes 05172020-1
What the Mueller report says about Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.
Kushner and Flynn Met With Russian Envoy in December, White House Says - The New York Times
Judge presiding over Michael Flynn criminal case is recused: court - Reuters
(34) Ep. 1251 Obama Did It - The Dan Bongino Show® - YouTube
Michael Flynn's Russia Timeline -
Read: 2017 Rod Rosenstein 'scope memo' detailing parameters of Mueller probe | Fox News
DOJ releases long-awaited Mueller scope memo, revealing the probe went beyond previously known mandate | Fox News
Byron York: Now, word of a mysterious third 'scope memo' for Robert Mueller
Third Mueller scope memo proof Rod Rosenstein was 'scared to death' of Andrew McCabe, Joe DiGenova says
Crossfire Hurricane (FBI investigation) - Wikipedia
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Did Obama's DOJ Leak Michael Flynn's Russia Phone Call?
Acting DNI Ric Grenell Announces the FBI Will No Longer be Giving Intelligence-Based Threat Briefings to Candidates - FBI Frozen Out
Fox News: John Brennan Suppressed Intel Saying Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win
Mystery solved? Timeline shows how Russian lawyer got into US for Trump Jr. meeting | Fox News
Exclusive: DOJ let Russian lawyer into US before she met with Trump team | TheHill
Homeland Security confirms special entry for Russian lawyer | TheHill
Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections - Wikipedia
Michael Flynn Was Not “Unmasked” – Evidence Flynn Was Under Active, FISC Authorized, Surveillance… | The Last Refuge
Obamagate timeline - Conservapedia
FLASHBACK: Adam Schiff Flew with Russian Ambassador Kislyak to Aspen Forum
Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections - Wikipedia
Russia’s RT: The Network Implicated in U.S. Election Meddling - The New York Times
Shaheen, Blumenthal Call on Top Intelligence Officials to Review Security Clearance Given to Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn | U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire
General Flynn - Blumenthal-Shaheen Letter.pdf