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CIR Show Notes for 02-21-2020
(31) White Squall 1996 Movie Trailer (Jeff Bridges, Scott Wolf) - YouTube
(31) QAnon - "Ask The Q" - YouTube
German gunman calling for 'complete extermination' of many 'races' kills 9
Clinton Foundation whistleblowers come forward, Rep. Meadows says | Fox News Video
‘Angels’ in Hell: The Culture of Misogyny Inside Victoria’s Secret - The New York Times
Wexner stepping down as CEO of L Brands - YouTube
(31) CNN goes to scene of shooting in Hanau, Germany - YouTube
(31) Matt Whitaker with Tucker Carlson: McCabe Memos on Rosenstein - YouTube
Andrew McCabe Memo Highlights More Than Previously Understood…. | The Last Refuge
Rod Blagojevich to have sentenced commuted by Trump; president pardons Bernie Kerik - Washington Times
(31) WATCH: Rep. Andy Biggs’s full questioning of Robert Mueller | Mueller testimony - YouTube
When James Comey Was Fired - The Atlantic
(31) Ex-FBI Offical Andrew McCabe Talks Trump, Russia & Mueller Probe | TODAY - YouTube