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QAnon Post / Q Anon Drop #4412
(8) Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "I thought this letter from respected retired Marine and Super Star lawyer, John Dowd, would be of interest to the American People. Read it!" / Twitter
Trump tweets copy of letter from lawyer John Dowd to Jim Mattis | TheHill
QAnon Post / Q Anon Drop #4413
Five Pentagon officials resign in seven days - Axios
(8) truthseeker on Twitter: "Sources are telling Dan #Bongino that they are genuinely concerned that some upper level people in our military are openly talking about defying the President of the United States. “That’s got a name. That’s called a mutiny.”" / Twitter
QAnon Post / Q Anon Drop #4414
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QAnon Post / Q Anon Drop #4425
(8) Arthur Schwartz on Twitter: "🚨🚨🚨 CNN person w/ direct knowledge: @andersoncooper has been planning a town hall for months w/ Gary Cohn, Jim Mattis, John Kelly & McMaster to air in September. They will make stuff up & say that Trump is unfit for office. Mattis & Kelly signed on. Cohn & HR on the fence." / Twitter
EAM - What does EAM stand for? The Free Dictionary