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CIR Show Notes: 12-13-2019
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Corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee Resurfaces in Bruce Ohr 302’s… | The Last Refuge
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Steele's Own 'Primary Sub-Source' Cast Doubt On His Collusion Claims
(20) Graham sends warning to FBI officials responsible for FISA abuse - YouTube
(20) Durham/Horowitz Sets Sights on Senate Intel Committee - A Deep Dive - YouTube
Trump slams Wray’s response to FISA report, says he’ll ‘never be able to fix the FBI’ | Fox News
Wray: Report on Russia probe found 'unacceptable' problems
šŸ¤ØCitizens IReportšŸ˜Ž on Twitter: "Future Proves Past #Qanon Ed' OCallihan, who worked closely with RR and Mueller + Jessie Lui who was in charge of Flynn and Stone prosecutions - BOTH removed from their positions of power at DOJ" / Twitter
Ex-Senate Intel gatekeeper James Wolfe sentenced to two months in prison, despite DOJ push for two-year term | Fox News
The US intel chief just said Russian interference is “continuing” - Vox
Intelligence heads convene at WH briefing to warn of election interference - CBS News
Rosenstein: ‘I think informing the American people is an important part of deterrence’ - POLITICO
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