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academic labor: unions, tenure, UK, adjuncts, Loyola, LUC strike, SEIU 73 (4/4/~7/10/2018)
Stephen F. Austin optimizes course schedule to add faculty lines that paid for themselves
A Maverick Candidate’s Message to Scholarly Groups: Elect More Adjuncts - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Qualification: Ph.D. Compensation: $15/Hour
We Need All Those Ph.D.s in Nonteaching Jobs to Stay in Our Scholarly Societies - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Thinking About Dual Academic Jobs as a Single Academic Career | Technology and Learning
Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Public Unions Leaves Murky Outlook for Academic Labor - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Experts Say Harvard's Union Bargaining Terms Differ From Typical Labor Contract | News | The Harvard Crimson
NTTF Reform and Tenure | ACADEME BLOG
Tenure Is Already Dead | Just Visiting
Volunteer Faculty: The Death Knell for Public Higher Ed | Just Visiting
What you have when you don’t have tenure – Music for Deckchairs
Thomas Kuhn | Paradigm shifts
About Tenure Matters – #tenurematters
SIU Carbondale plans to recruit alumni for ‘volunteer’ adjunct positions | SIU |
FACCC Education Institute Quarterly: Why Faculty Matter/Still Homeless and Hungry in College
Academia's Underclass - World Fusion Wisdom
U.K. University Workers Enter Week 3 of Strike Against Pension Cuts & “Marketization” of Higher Ed | Democracy Now!
Loyola nontenured faculty members stage one-day strike - Chicago Tribune
Loyola Chicago adjuncts stage one-day strike amid rising activism by non-tenure-track faculty
Loyola Chicago adjunct faculty hold one-day strike - World Socialist Web Site
Unions and Unity — Loyola's Fight for More Light
Loyola University Chicago Chapter
Latest Info on SEIU April 4th Walkout – Loyola University Chicago Chapter
#TimesUpLoyola Non-tenure Track Faculty Call a Strike!
SEIU Local 73 | Representing more than 29,000 Public Service Employees in Illinois and Northwest Indiana
Spring 2018 List
Important Bargaining Update: Strike or Settle
Union Report | Series | The 74
LIUFF member statements on the 2016 lockout and 2017 contract negotiations - Google Docs
A Seat At The Table – A View from the Curve
Nontenured faculty gather at the Pentacrest to voice their concerns
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Union Reaches Agreement With Admin After Years of Negotiations
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