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CIR Show Notes 6-11-19
Gregg Jarrett: Broad Scope of Durham Probe Includes "Non-Governmental Actors" Like Glenn Simpson - YouTube
Turley: Sessions’ Using Utah Federal Prosecutor Much Better for Trump than 2nd Special Counsel
Sessions Appointed Prosecutor Months Ago to Investigate Possible Crimes, Might Appoint 2nd Special Prosecutor | Breitbart
Why AG Sessions Chose Outside Prosecutors Over a Special Counsel
/qresearch/ - Q Research General #5452: Badge of Honor Edition
Gaetz and John Dean Spar Over Mueller Report - YouTube
Rep. Jordan Questions John Dean - YouTube
Gohmert Questions Former White House Counsel to President Nixon - YouTube
Mark Meadows: Don’t Expect IG Report This Month – Do Expect Criminal Indictments… | The Last Refuge