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Show Notes for 06-21-2021
(19) Iranian Election of ‘Hangman of Tehran’ Should Be World Wake-Up Call, Israel Says - YouTube
(19) Who is Iran’s president-elect Ebrahim Raisi? | Newsfeed - YouTube
(19) Biden wants Iran Nuclear Deal within 6 weeks: Report - YouTube
(19) Mike Pompeo slams Biden's Iran negotiations as 'befuddling' - YouTube
National security adviser: US preparing more Russia sanctions over Navalny poisoning and imprisonment - CNNPolitics
Fiona Hill welcomes "obligatory" new U.S. sanctions on Russia over Navalny poisoning - CBS News
Jake Sullivan - Wikipedia
Fiona Hill (presidential advisor) - Wikipedia
Jake Sullivan, Biden's NSA Pick, Tied to Hillary's Emails, Russia Hoax
Jake Sullivan doggedly pursued Trump-Russia 'direct link' from Hillary Clinton's inner circle - Washington Times
FBI Investigates Hillary Clinton Aides For 'Cut and Paste' Of Classified Intel
Top Secret Info Handled By Up to 30 Different Accounts On Hillary Clinton's Server
Biden national security adviser pick tied Trump campaign to Russia in 2016 briefings with reporters | Fox News
(19) The Putin Files: Jake Sullivan - YouTube
Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's president-elect, says he won't meet Joe Biden
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Iran’s new president Ebrahim Raisi says he won’t meet with Joe Biden
Biden White House pauses Ukraine military aid package