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#Qanon - Q Team, Keystone, Military Intel
POTUS has Special Emergency Powers, Presidential Emergency Action Documents, D5
On POTUS' ORDER - A State of Temporary Military Control will be Actioned AND Special Ops Carried Out
Martial Law Coming? DOD Halts Biden Transition Briefings
Clones, Planes, & States Coordinating with CCP
Deep Dive: SCI-FI or Precision Military Planning?
DNI Ractliff: China Blackmailing Congress & the 2018 Election Interference EO
Patriots Activate the Beam of Light: JFK & C_A's 1000 Pieces
RED WAVE: Do You See A Pattern? Looks Can be Deceiving!
Combat Tactics, Red October, Let's See What Happens
Nothing to See Here Ep#2 - Doomsday and COG Panic