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Teaching, Tech and Twitter: HyperDocs! Need I say more????
TeachersGiveTeachers (@TsGiveTs) | Twitter
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If I were president...... - Google Docs
Ancient Greece - Google Slides
Civil War Hyperdoc - Google Docs
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#Ditchbook with #HyperDocs #BetterTogether Sharing Extravaganza!
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SBAC Hero’s Journey HyperDoc - Google Docs
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Teaching, Tech and Twitter: Hack Your HyperDoc with Google Drawings! Three Simple Ways to Get Started.
The Amazing Race Across the States HyperDoc - Google Docs
Solving Inequalities & Absolute Value Equations - Google Slides
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English Language Arts
Using HyperDocs with Kendra Tyler—GAFECAMP Spring Break Summit on Google Apps for Education
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Dive into - Google Slides
Close Reading HyperDoc Template - Google Docs
New HyperDoc Template w/ Link Ideas - Google Docs
#Ditchbook with #HyperDocs #BetterTogether Sharing Extravaganza!
Copy of Lifecycle of A Tree - Narrative Writing Hyperdoc - Google Docs
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SFahey Created & Shared HyperDocs
Hyperdocs making Group Projects: Accountable and Creative – Teaching Without a Quill