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FCC Cuts Bogus Data From Yearly Broadband Report, Acts Like Nothing Happened
Justice Department is reportedly preparing antitrust probe of Google
Supreme Court makes it easier for police to arrest you for filming them.
US Navy wants 350 billion social media posts - BBC News
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Lockport City School District Defies Order From State, Plans To Proceed With Facial Recognition Test
New York tenants fight as landlords embrace facial recognition cameras | Cities | The Guardian
DoD bought phony military gear made in China, including counter-night vision clothing that didn’t actually work
Following US Huawei ban, China threatens own blacklist for foreign firms | TechCrunch
IEEE, a major science publisher, bans Huawei scientists from reviewing papers | Science | AAAS
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Chinese military to replace Windows OS amid fears of US hacking | ZDNet
Russian military moves closer to replacing Windows with Astra Linux | ZDNet
A German minister wants access to your encrypted WhatsApp and Telegram messages
Microsoft: 1 million machines still vulnerable to Windows security exploit - The Verge
Advanced Linux backdoor found in the wild escaped AV detection | Ars Technica
Cybersecurity: The number of files exposed on misconfigured servers, storage and cloud services has risen to 2.3 billion | ZDNet
Docker Bug Allows Root Access to Host File System | Decipher