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Culture War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning (Sources)
Network effect - Wikipedia
The Power of Network Effects: Why they make such Valuable Companies, and how to Harness them
We're All Publishers Now
Dani Rodrik's weblog: Premature deindustrialization in the developing world
Rise of the Machines: The Future has Lots of Robots, Few Jobs for Humans | WIRED
Onshoring Isn't Bringing Back Good Jobs - The Atlantic
Dani Rodrik's Worries About Premature Industrialisation
The Perils of Premature Deindustrialization by Dani Rodrik - Project Syndicate
Aging in the United States--Past, Present, and Future
Get Ready to See This Globalization 'Elephant Chart' Over and Over Again - Bloomberg
protectionism - Google Search
Trump’s Protectionist Economic Plan Is Nothing New - The Atlantic
America Was Founded as a Protectionist Nation | HuffPost
Chris Hedges Quotes (Author of War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning)
War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning Quotes by Chris Hedges
A True Culture War - The New York Times
Ancient Rome Still Defines US Politics of War and Poverty
How Christianity conquered pagan culture
America’s Culture War On Russia | The American Conservative
Today's Culture War and the Rise of Christendom
Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers - POLITICO Magazine
U.S. Fertility Rate Reaches a Record Low - The New York Times
Why the Global 1% and the Asian Middle Class Have Gained the Most from Globalization
The World’s Billionaires—the Richest in More Than 100 Years—Fear That the Poor Will Rise Up
Andreessen: American Middle Class An Accident - Business Insider
There's no such thing as clean coal | Popular Science
Manufacturing jobs in America: They're not coming back - CBS News
Rapid Technological Change Is The Biggest Threat To Global Business
America’s urban-rural divides
Dark money just keeps on coming in school board races - The Washington Post
CERN Is Seeking Secrets of the Universe, or Maybe Opening the Portals of Hell - WSJ
The Civility Wars | The New Yorker
The War on Free Speech Turns Further Left - Capital Research Center
Flat-Earthers Have a Wild New Theory About Forests - The Atlantic
Culture war - Wikipedia
Time to Step Back from the War on Terror
The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea | The New Yorker
The Republicans' War on Women Is a Clear and Present Danger | GQ
Standing for National Anthem must be Voluntary, not Required | National Review
The ‘War on Cops’: Flawed Logic and Fantasy
How the ‘War on Christmas’ Controversy Was Created - The New York Times
Why the NRA Is Still Winning the War on Guns - The Atlantic
The ‘War On Immigrants’: Racist Policies In The Trump Era | HuffPost
Trump's war on leaks is really a war on whistleblowers. (opinion) - CNN
The war on science is a trap.
The war on coal is over. Coal lost | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian