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Jesse Stommel
Ungrading: an FAQ
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(1) Jesse Stommel on Twitter: "10 quotes (in no particular order) from almost 200 years that have informed my thinking about grades and ungrading: “When the how’s of assessment preoccupy us, they tend to chase the why’s back into the shadows.” ~ Alfie Kohn" / Twitter
What is Ungrading?: a Q&A
Ungrading and Alternative Assessment: a Workshop - Google Docs
OU Digital Teaching: Getting Rid of Grades (book chapter)
You searched for Ungrading : Metawriting
(3) Laura Gibbs on Twitter: "@alfiekohn pinging @PhilOnEdTech also for this really excellent piece on grading/ungrading in the Chronicle, although I'm guessing you saw it already (?). getting to be part of this book project is the single most useful thing I've ever done as a teacher. :-)" / Twitter
Make Writing a Daily Ritual in Every Content Area
OSF | UC ungrading action research project
for the love of learning
(3) Aaron S Blackwelder MA Ed on Twitter: "@arinbasu @TG2Chat @slamteacher @Jessifer Thanks. I suggest starting piggybacking on the work of @HumResPro. Here is a link to their research page on #Ungrading." / Twitter
Ungrading Chapbook : Martha Fay Burtis : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
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(3) Alfie Kohn on Twitter: "1/2 New report on how (and why) more colleges and instructors are inching toward #ungrading: (The negative comments are from people associated with a conservative org. cofounded by Lynne Cheney and funded by the right-wing Bradley and Olin foundations.)" / Twitter
Momentum builds for helping students adapt to college by nixing freshman grades
Metawriting |
(3) Alfie Kohn on Twitter: "Turns out the case for #ungrading isn't limited to schools: Why a restaurant reviewer stopped using reductive, star-based ratings:" / Twitter
(230) Ungrading: More possibilities than some might think: Martin Compton - YouTube
Ungrading: What is it and why should we use it? | Chemical Education Xchange
George Hess Reflection&Evaluation_2022 (Public View) - Google Docs