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GeekPanshi – 价值投资 终身学习 践行家庭教育 - Geek panshi(GeekPanshi)—— 价值投资 终身学习 践行家庭教育
GeekPanshi – 价值投资 终身学习 践行家庭教育 - Geek panshi(GeekPanshi)—— 价值投资 终身学习 践行家庭教育
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Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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Eagle - 设计师图片管理工具
Thonny, Python IDE for beginners
LanceGin/Mockman: Manage and start the mock servers on your local platform easily
dannagle/PacketSender: Network utility for sending / receiving TCP, UDP, SSL
kylelobo / Reddit-Bot:使用Python和Heroku制作Reddit Bot
使用Terraform深入了解100%零停机时间部署 Checkly
如何成为一个 DevOps | 湾区日报
How to set up a Continuous Delivery with CircleCI and Docker
sourcerer-io/hall-of-fame: Show some love to your contributors! A widget for your repo README. Visual and clean. Refreshes every hour.
mraza007/terminal-text: Terminal Text CLI app. A simple tool that sends text messages to your phone.
sinclairtarget/um: Create and maintain your own man pages so you can remember how to do stuff
The Art Institute of Chicago Has Put 50,000 High-Res Images from Their Collection Online
Discover Art & Artists | The Art Institute of Chicago
kids-code-games / variables-war:一个代码扑克牌游戏,你必须是第一个使用循环,条件达到42的游戏...
Top 10 Python Resources, October 2018 – Indorse
iridakos - Creating a bash completion script
php projects free download
Nix Language Primer | binary.phile
Physiix/topsi-project-manager: A Desktop Kanban board app.
Effective online Agile Roadmap planning – Phil Taylor – Medium
Code rant: Decoupling, Architecture and Teams
Building real-time messaging server in Go – Alexander Emelin – Medium
DeusDat Solutions: Building What Matters.
Introduction to PyTorch for Deep Learning – Heartbeat
Want to know the easiest way to save time? Use `make`!
Point at Infinity - Breadth First Search
r0hi7/jackson: Pythonic way of keeping secrets secure in JSON
关于技术债务| 我学到了什么
System Design Interview Concepts – Database Sharding
Vectorized Emulation: MMU Design | Gamozo Labs Blog
File Signatures
Understand these 5 basic concepts to sound like a machine learning expert
Understand these 5 basic concepts to sound like a machine learning expert.pdf_免费高速下载|百度网盘-分享无限制
How to make an animated gif to showcase your software
Project Atlas