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出版商不能不了解的EPUB 3
Backenzahn 臼齒凳 | MODERN LIVING - Exhibition Philipp Mainzer Design and Architecture 設計生活展
[專題] 震懾到不能起身的感動!12首你不可錯過的經典電影片尾曲! | HypeSphere
The newsonomics of NPR One and the dream of personalized public radio » Nieman Journalism Lab
RebelMouse: Let Your Content Roar
How news orgs are using RebelMouse for blizzard, Fashion Week | Poynter.
Edwyn Collins 'A Girl Like You' - YouTube
Contactive's Identity Platform API: Get Contact Information from Phone Numbers | Phone Number Lookup API | Contactive API
Ao Studio by Keiji Ashizawa Design | Home Adore
Web Design & Development News: Collective #126 | Codrops
Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps ∙ An A List Apart Blog Post
Curated creative design and development resources | oozled
大買家網路量販店-有機/天然無添加食品 > 餅乾.零食.飲料
Christian Johnstone — Creative Design
Summer Guide: Austin - StumbleUpon
WebDesignPro | Theme: Fourteen
LINE@ X VOGUE台灣 好友招募中 | VOGUE時尚網
富蘭克林基金理財網 國民理財第一站
電子報行銷價格 - Benchmark Email
Bran | Multi-Purpose Parallax HTML Theme Preview - ThemeForest
Apps to Watch: Tag, Uplike, Passible and Others - StumbleUpon
ISSUU - NICE Magazine ISSUE 12 - The Monochrome Issue by Ross Drakes
讀蟲小聚 - 愛因斯坦:你不可能內心自由,卻在生活上必須受他人奴役。 - 今周刊
Harriet Lee-Merrion |  VOICER|We Voice Life & Art Inspiration
服務力個人特質:責任心,把事情做完,更把事情做好 | 經理人Manager Today|管理、經理人、企業管理、品牌
Diego Leyva on Behance
NEO NEO | Graphic Design
Heine/Lenz/Zizka on Behance
Anagrama | Alberto Senties Catering
Dribbble - Reading by Simeon K.
for Business
About Pinterest
About | Codecademy
3 Great Tips on Mobile Design from the Mobile Design Book - StumbleUpon
How To Price Your Services: A Guide For Web Designer - StumbleUpon
Apps to Watch: Ultratext, Dgrees, Beatwave and Others - StumbleUpon
Inspiring Sites of the Week No. 45 - StumbleUpon
jquery scroll to position - Google 搜尋
20 jQuery Plugins for Scrolling Effects | Code Geekz
15 Best jQuery Scrollbar Plugins
· Scrolld.js Demo ·
10+ jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugins
[jQ]用 jQuery 控制網頁捲軸移動 | 男丁格爾's 脫殼玩
先別談「功能」了,滿足「欲望」才是創業者的正經事 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
A global guide to the first world war - interactive documentary | World news |
Curated creative design and development resources | oozled
Resources — Medium
設計必備資源總匯 - 奧革設計
responsive web design landing page - Google 搜尋
PURE YOGA - Embrace the Heat 高溫療癒瑜珈課程
寒舍艾麗酒店 - 聯絡我們
參賽項目: 最佳大廳獎 - 懶人包系列:世界酒店大賞2 - 精選照片 | MSN 旅遊
The Best Landing Pages Examples for Website Design
30 Free Responsive HTML Templates
One Page Landing Page Templates Websites
Legend: Free Responsive One Page Template | Dzyngiri
Pricing | MailChimp
David Lynch designs a sportswear collection for women | Dazed
✕ toys ✕ on Pinterest
How to design for mobile devices, when you don’t have one | Webdesigner Depot
Top 10: This Week's Top Packaging Projects — The Dieline
Moment.js | Home
5 星級飯店附近台北 - 節省更多便宜飯店附近台北 - 台北5 星級飯店,線上預訂台北 的5 星級飯店。
TripAdvisor - 飯店/酒店、民宿/日租評論、機票與旅遊搜尋
觀光局 Taiwan
臺灣旅宿網 - 搜尋結果
Warehouse | Design Shack
erikflowers/weather-icons · GitHub
google web designer example - Google 搜尋
12 Premium Responsive Landing Page Templates
Marketing - Sujib | Event Landing Page HTML Template | ThemeForest
NestoLab | Item : Malooka LP
Mobo - One Page App Landing Page - ThemeForest Previewer
Swapp v1.0 - Responsive Retina HTML5 App Landing Page
Mobiling - One Page App Landing Page Preview - ThemeForest
Livre - Bundle Unbounce pages Preview - ThemeForest
45+ Best Responsive Landing Page Templates | DesignMaz
Slide Landing Page Flat Responsive web template by w3layouts
24 Tips on How to Make Awesome Landing Pages | WordStream
47 Modern Landing Pages Showcasing Inspirational Web Design - SpyreStudios | SpyreStudios
15 Stunningly Beautiful Landing Page Designs | Go Media - Your Design Destination
30 amazing landing pages for your inspiration | Webdesigner Depot
21 Beautiful Examples of Startup Landing Pages | Inspirations
30 Beautiful Landing Pages Optimized for Converting Visitors into Users
50 Corporate Landing Pages for Inspiration | InstantShift
Beautiful Landing Pages: Tips and Examples
Landing page tips and 10 great designs | Web design | Creative Bloq
10+ Astounding Examples of Landing Page Designs | Designrazzi
Brev - Responsive Email Template Preview - ThemeForest
粉絲一定要看!全球最高「史努比」現身香港海港城 | ETtoday 東森旅遊雲 | ETtoday旅遊新聞(旅遊)
Great Graphic Design Work | From up North
擁抱不完美&故事療癒—周志建 - 人的偏見,無所不在 - 今周刊
擁抱不完美&故事療癒—周志建 - 其實,是你自己先背叛自己的 - 今周刊
0416X1024 - 樂天市場
15個原因為什麼你應該要一個人去旅行。就算有人陪也要一個人去! - TEEPR
Alberto Sentíes Catering on Behance
EF-Where G Mallory sleeps - YouTube
Dribbble - Ne.Sense ( prototype 2 ) by Jen Yuan
arianapearl | VSCO Grid
CloudApp. Share Faster.
The world's simplest project management tool
作家:媒體決定你該同情誰-地球圖輯隊 帶你看透全世界
Infographic: How to Design Responsive Email | Web Resources | WebAppers
BREMEN PAPER #3 on Behance
Erbgħin Kreattiv Magazine Covers on Behance
Charlie Smith Design — Identity Terence Woodgate
Island Creek Oyster Bar
Studio DBD - Design Studio Manchester
Landshypotek — Stockholm Design Lab
Russ and Daughters
Designing for the new Russ & Daughters : Kelli Anderson
Character | Branding & Design Agency
Habitat – Identity 2002 | Identity | Graphic Thought Facility
Patrik Lindell Photography
入世禪-禪修的重點 悟覺妙天禪師開示
菩提禪修 - 禪修入門
三毒 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
十二因緣 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
化解瞋恨 @ 菩提彼岸 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
Productivity tips for being creative — Paul Jarvis — Medium
Product | iPaas
最卡哇伊的拉拉熊™ 帶你半價看電影
Pure CSS One Div Weather Animated Icons - CodePen
VSEO - Google 搜尋
台北網頁設計公司推薦 | 電子商務品牌規劃的領導者 - 轉轉創意 - YouTube
Never Held a Baby by The Album Leaf on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Profit From Selling Digital Products (Part 2) - Smashing Magazine - The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache!
Telegram Messenger App Design | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
NIKE world cup fonts
Wikipedia Redesign Concept | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
We Are The Giant (2014) — Art of the Title
Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Lyrics HD - YouTube
10 beautiful soundtracks from 10 beautiful movies - YouTube
Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider (Full Album) - YouTube
Adobe, Google deliver first pan-CJK open-source font - CNET
Professional & Trendy Web Design | From up North
Source Han Sans Traditional Chinese | Typekit
Google Noto Fonts
小太陽的願望 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
安靜,就是力量(內向,外向,心理學) - 職場力 - 心靈成長 - 非讀BOOK - 商業周刊
電影自己拍才好玩! 米歇爾龔特利的「業餘者電影工廠」 — Maison Motion
讀蟲小聚 - 林義雄談犯錯 - 今周刊
23 New CSS Experiments & JS Plug-ins
The Interactive Imperative in Mobile Design - Designmodo
Responsive Equal Height Blocks — Osvaldas Valutis
Forro Cafe on iNDIEVOX
讀蟲小聚 - 林義雄談犯錯 - 今周刊
60 Hours in Cleveland: The Plain Dealer’s LeBron Section – The Society for News Design – SND
從倪重華的體貼與李歐·卡霍的深情到《L先生》、《男孩對白》、《小步舞曲》 | [POTS]
日本國民品牌uniqlo,你不知道的31個小秘密(上) - JUKSY 線上流行雜誌
Dribbble - Flat UI Elements by Mario del Valle
吳念真:找到限制,找到自由 - 天下雜誌551期
《重慶森林》20歲了! 你可能不知道的六個秘密 — Maison Motion
sparanoid/chinese-copywriting-guidelines · GitHub
創業家灌頂五大設計思維,才能狠快抓住使用者的心 | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
Disclosure gain momentum | Dazed
Bohemian Coders - Making A Toolchain, Not Just A Tool
學習如何在三十分鐘內保護你的電子郵件往來 · Global Voices 繁體中文
[專題] 銀幕之後-《布達佩斯大飯店》的靈魂畫作:《蘋果少年》 | HypeSphere
Asia-Music.Net | Playlist by [new!] Tizzy Bac
London Tube Map by Mark Noad Design - Dezeen
Flickr Weekend Samplr IX/2014 | Flickr Blog
關於迷戀 @ Odyssey ~ 愛.得.思 的人生旅程 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
如果你要快樂的話,你必須要「放下」這15件事情。#5 將帶你到人生的最高點。 - TEEPR
[專欄] 《風起》:風起的時候,我們學習說再見 | HypeSphere
1MD + Creative Bureau
35+ Examples of Beautiful & Creative Signage | From up North
品味 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
聆聽羞辱感 | TEDxTaipei
Create beautiful photo narratives - Exposure
10 Essential Sublime Text Plugins for Full-Stack Developers
Get Paid to Write About HTML, CSS, and Sass!
How I Set Up My Development Machine
Speed Up Your WordPress Site
網站性能優化工具大全前端觀察 | Javascript | 前端觀察
【高性能前端2】高性能CSS | 騰訊Web前端 AlloyTeam 團隊 Blog | 願景: 成為業界卓越的Web團隊!
Aaron Betsky - Cincinnati Art Museum - iSPYCINCY
Téléfilm Canada on Behance
Brussels - The Hybrid City on Behance
Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair 2013 on Behance
TAKE A GREEN BREAK: Poster on Behance
Barba Roja on Behance
BEETWN - Extreme Sports Magazine Concept on Behance
Young Designers’ Exhibition 2014| Proposal on Behance
Flóra Borsi's Elegant Self-Portraits Subtly Blend Photography and Painting - My Modern Met
2013/11/7 聆聽呼吸 Telepopmusik Live Concert
不可忽視的 50 個關鍵的內容行銷統計數據 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
Gretel - Home
NOW - happenings festival on Behance
Kickapoo Coffee - Ray + Kelly Photography
not shaking the grass
And Atelier -
The Design Blog
Fashion Portraits on Behance
HSBC ad campaigns on Behance
Shibakenjinkai on Behance
Logos from 2013 on Behance
Canon infographic on Behance
Short BD (2) on Behance
Where is Snow white? on Behance
Barba Roja on Behance
ON THE ROAD on Behance
Bisous les Copains #04 on Behance
hipshops - a smart compilation of concept stores from around the world
Leon Makari Graphic Design
Gretel - Home
新鮮人與創業家必學課題:給自己這八個問題,一步一步找出熱情的所在 | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
Google 利用熱門詞彙製作新聞,避開世界盃巴西慘敗 - Inside 網摘
50 Brazilian newspapers on their 7-1 loss to Germany - Imgur
Shape Type, the letter shaping game
Inspiring Sites of the Week No. 43 - StumbleUpon
Creative Software for Mac & iOS — Realmac Software
Lomo'Instant – Lomography 網路商店
[專題] 葉問 VS 一線天!《一代宗師》釋出刪減片段 | HypeSphere
Hot Academy | Theme for educational websites
Home | WPLMS
手機漫畫天天都更新!《LINE Webtoon》網路漫畫免費看 | 手機 | 妞新聞 niusnews
【新一代設計展】「新一代」插畫家Cherng,追求「一事無成」的人生|MOT/TIMES 線上誌
Inside 網摘
Behance Plus - App Design Concept | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Sites of the Week: Whiteboard, Relay Foods, Google Design and more | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Shop for Local and Organic Groceries - Online!
轉轉推薦 2014 年推薦的 25 個電子商務網站設計
Online Eyeglasses & Sunglasses - $95 Rx Glasses | Warby Parker
人像專業修片解析4 - 皮膚速修技巧【Photoshop教學】 @ 奧米加 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
臉部修圖:使用 Photoshop CS4 除斑與平滑肌膚! | 一路跌跌撞撞...
沒神奇公式和捷徑,這 11 步驟就是成為頂尖 Coder 的必備條件 | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
Best Responsive Design Websites | Web Design Inspiration
Responsive Web Design: 50 Examples and Best Practices - Designmodo
16 Top Tools for Responsive Web Design | The Daily Egg
♣COOK FOR LOVE♣ 為愛下廚食譜筆記組 - {慢 食堂} | Pinkoi
【老貓出版偵查課】編輯就這三件事之二:完成它 | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
Adorable Illustrations by Goro Fujita | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Brazil Fourteen
Braid: No Coast | Album Reviews | Pitchfork
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
打造最佳行銷力 - 《哈佛商業評論》全球繁體中文版 官方網站
WordPress - GoodDay - Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme | ThemeForest
WordPress - Milano - Portfolio, Photography, Hotel, Restaurant | ThemeForest
WordPress - Cardinal | ThemeForest
Site Templates - Plasma - One-Page Multi-Purpose HTML Template | ThemeForest
動線 - Google 搜尋
30 links selection - july 2013
Daily Inspiration #1806 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Street Art Project, by Google Cultural Institute
The Flaming Lips and Miley Cyrus Freak Out in "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain" Video | News | Pitchfork
MBA練功房 - 17種「多一小步」思維,創造隱形競爭力! - 今周刊
典藏今藝術 - 展覽目擊 - 以街道做為計算時間的單位
10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings — Comedy Corner — Medium
The Outsourcing Guide for Web Designers • 1stwebdesigner
20首難忘的電影歌曲 - 音樂與影像的美好時刻 — Maison Motion
城邦讀書花園 - 「百大排行榜好書推薦展」
末廣通,民居獨享設備及介紹 @ 末廣通Moguangtong日和家宅民居 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
elephantwork’s likes on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
誠品網路書店 - 愛哭公主
2014 Summer Reading誠品暑期大閱讀「Hey! Be my Book」3本75折起,全站消費滿2,000元贈羅德‧達爾帆布袋
可愛 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
20世紀少年 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
冬季飼養藏獒 飲食照顧不可少 | 寵物百科
夏季藏獒的照顧須知_時尚寵物_Fashion Pet
大氣壓力 陰天(降低) 晴天(升高) 夏天(低氣壓) 冬天(高氣壓) @ Kenny 四處走走 :: 隨意窩 Xuite日誌
Oh! Frank Doesn't Even Have a Dog on Behance
Chloe Scheffe | Now Production Graphic in Design:
三人製作團隊做出世界級的紀錄片,從 Maker 看電影業的創新機會 | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
Get up and Running with Google Web Starter Kit - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial
被低估的“手机桌面” _ 企鹅智酷 _ 腾讯科技
Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism
藏傳佛教 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
最新- 木馬年2014藏曆西曆對照吉祥日 @ 摩 訶 般 若&nbsp mahā prajñā :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
+ D O C U M E N T A R Y +: 外文雜誌推薦:ARTICLE Magazine Issue 3
+ D O C U M E N T A R Y +: 外文雜誌推薦:ARTICLE Magazine 英倫紳士現代生存法則
轉轉推薦 2014 年推薦的 25 個電子商務網站設計
VSCO GRID | Visual Supply Co
Puree Organics on Behance
Global Work 2013 SS on Behance
Blacklist on Behance
FPO: Verlasso Sustainability Brochure
lean + meadow
Inc.@35 |
Top Stories from The New York Times
Redesigning The World Cup 2014 Brazil — Medium
5 design problems we solved building the new GoSquared — Medium
Quiz: Can You Tell What Makes a Good Tweet? -
Don't Be Scared Of Functional Programming | Smashing Magazine
Joy the Baker – Mashed Potato, Cheddar and Chive Waffles
新生活運動走路:風景篇/小風吹 | 聯副‧創作 | 閱讀藝文 | 聯合新聞網
DRG專題:別把人命省掉了- 良醫健康網 - 商業周刊(百大良醫)
如何做出打動使用者的網頁設計,色彩心理學有解 | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
Freelance front-end web developer in London | John Kavanagh
Pelayo Romero Maier on Behance
模範市場「Facebook 台灣消費者線上行為調查」
Tasty Funding: Tastemade Raises $25 Million More from Scripps and Moves to Android | Re/code
A 100-Year Legacy of World War I -
| grouek |
Kelli Anderson: Russ & Daughters | Design Work Life
BeamIt - Visual Messaging on the App Store on iTunes
FWA mobile winner | Magnum Pleasure Hunt 5 Lost Kisses
10 Facebook Page posting tips | 運用 Facebook 拓展商機
Pryv Channel - IFTTT
Launch Center Channel - IFTTT
Nest Thermostat Channel - IFTTT
故事 - Google+
After Effects Project Files - Kinetic Typography Engine | VideoHive
BuzzOrange | 科技不能解決的事,就交給BuzzOrange吧!!
Cargo - Gallery
Tobias van Schneider
Anton Repponen
David Martin (DavidHughMartin) 在 Twitter 上
Google Design
Hashcash.IO - Make Bots Work For You
Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked at Glastonbury 2014 - YouTube
SAMARIS - goda tungl (Official Video) - YouTube行銷案例分享 - 必勝客.pdf
前端工程興起後的程式設計分工 | iThome
前端工程師必看: 十大 CSS 技巧 | 小惡魔 - 電腦技術 - 工作筆記 - AppleBOY
Writing A Better JavaScript Library For The DOM | Smashing Magazine
網站程式上線前需要準備的事 (一) «
SEO 小技巧 - 網站上線前這些搜尋引擎你登錄了嗎? - Soul & Shell Blog
網站公開上線前要做的26件事 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
博客來-操作介面設計模式 第二版
6 steps to perfecting minimalism in web design | Webdesigner Depot
Google Design
What Screens Want by Frank Chimero
OneTab shared tabs
Welcome - Polymer
ADK アサツーディ・ケイ - Google 雲端硬碟
50個給網頁設計師的素材 (三月份2014)
工程師眼裡的 PM 分成兩種:有腦和沒腦的,後者佔 90% | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
Jack Kerouac’s Best Quotes | Into The Gloss
85 Jack Kerouac Quotes For The Traveler Inside You | Thought Catalog
Jack Kerouac Quotes (Author of On the Road)
Design for Performance // Speaker Deck
設計畢業生,這是你在職場才會碰到的 12 個殘酷現實 | BuzzOrange
FM Belfast - Brighter Days - YouTube
The Art of Content Approval — GatherContent: Get Content Approved
The Power of One Page Scrolling Websites - StumbleUpon
Blacklist on Behance
一個有思考力的獨立媒體 新頭殼 newtalk
首頁 - 獨立媒體學院
TWIMI | 獨立媒體
支持上下游獨立新聞年費 | 上下游市集上下游市集
上下游 News&Market
受不了腦殘新聞?另類媒體大全 3.0 版 | 台灣好生活電子報
weReport 調查報導公眾委製平台 | 調查報導公眾委製平台, You support, we report.
風傳媒 一個有國際觀、專注揭弊、觀點犀利批判性的新媒體!
PeoPo 公民新聞
The News Lens 關鍵評論網 - 分享觀點從這開始
有物報告 | 言之有物的內容媒體
評台 PenToy | 《評台》是一份免費的政論和文化評論雜誌,我們專注於刊登各式各樣的評論文章,把收益回饋作者。《評台》facebook專頁評台 PenToy | 《評台》是一份免費的政論和文化評論雜誌,我們專注於刊登各式各樣的評論文章,把收益回饋作者。《評台》facebook專頁
OneTab shared tabs
Bruno Walpoth - Artist
Anagrama | Novelty
Anagrama | RMFF — Riviera Maya Film Festival
M35 | Mastery
Online Code Editor - Codeanywhere
Royal tumblr theme — Pixel Revel
Commit to take action this Thursday -
未来、予測不能。 - イマ|HAKUHODO I-STUDIO RECRUIT 2015
會員專區 « 叁拾選物 30Select
網站上線前要做的事 - Google 搜尋
網站公開上線前要做的26件事 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
網站程式上線前需要準備的事 (一) «
旅遊住宿 | 短租房 | 渡假公寓 - Airbnb
Fort Lean - Beach Holiday (Official Video) - YouTube
Framer – Innovative Prototyping
XOXO 2014
Digital remembrance: The colour purple | The Economist
Web Technologies Hanging Out Together | CSS-Tricks
The need for (broadband) speed • Inspired Magazine
5 Rules for Best Practice Email Design: Coding
Bees & Bombs
What Is The Most Underrated Word In Web Design? | Smashing Magazine
There is No Best Size for a Website
Comment Platform From Mozilla, NYT, Post |
[專欄] 《風起》:風起的時候,我們學習說再見 | HypeSphere
太陽照常升起 (電影) - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
無間罪和謗法罪必須通過其他方法才能懺悔清淨 @ 菩提彼岸 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
特務謎雲:謊言的重量 - 藍色電影夢
Cow and Mouse
THINK OFFICE l Brand Strategy & Design
Bloomberg Billionaires
三年服務 2,400 萬學生,Codecademy 創辦人 Zack Sims 的故事 | MR JAMIE ─ 創業者需要的啟發,每日新鮮供應
Hannes Caspar
Zoholics : Sales & Marketing
Explore Categories - Exposure
Hey, designers, there’s a thing called guidelines — Medium
Bon Appetit 蛋捲禮盒(18入)‧附提袋 - PAZZO|It is the accessory of life.|
The Will Will Web | 善用 CSS 中的 table-layout 屬性加快 Table 的顯示速度
Colorpedia 色彩解密 - 動態時報相片
Why I Love Bootstrap, and Why You Should Too
Easy Responsive CSS Grid Layouts: 4 Different Methods
PSD, Vector, and CSS Resources - Creative VIP
Social Media Design Cheat Sheet 2014 (Infographic)
Dribbble - Designing News No 2 by Anton Repponen
Dribbble - Simplified Checkout Process by Michael Pons
Dribbble - Echelon by Shane Helm
Studio DBD - Design Studio Manchester
wrightkitchen | VSCO Grid
Andres Rossi on Behance
POP ART: Beauty & Perfumes Festival 2014 on Behance | VSCO Grid
Original Hover Effects with CSS3
歡迎蒞臨 臺北醫學大學附設醫院 Welcome to Taipei Medical University Hospital
國泰健康管理 - 國泰醫院級健康檢查|健檢中心|健檢諮詢預約|北市|敦南|內湖|新竹
票選科技創新 - 2014年坎城創意節專題報導 - 商業周刊
[素食] 全省素食餐廳彙整
Sass: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets
Cannes Lions Archive
Putting CSS Clip to Work: Expanding Overlay Effect | Codrops
Nifty Modal Window Effects | Codrops
Fullscreen Slit Slider with CSS3 and jQuery
非線性思維 - MBA智库百科
Unslider — the super-tiny jQuery slider
15+ Best jQuery Screen Full Width Slider
Download Jssor Slider development kit free for website design, website development, web developer, web design, web development, web designer, website, web page
創新獎票選 - 商業周刊
20 stunning examples of CSS3 animation | CSS3 | Creative Bloq
30 Best Creative CSS3 Animation Examples
CodePen - A Pen by Derek Wheelden
Pure CSS3 Vertical menu with nice hover effect - CodePen
Cool jQuery images Filters effect | images filter
jquery beautiful responsive portfolio hover gallery | image gallery,image hover
Image black and white switch with jQuery. | image hover
Making an Impressive Product Showcase with CSS3 | Tutorialzine
CSS-Only Responsive Layout with Smooth Transitions | Codrops
A Collection of Page Transitions | Codrops
Interactive Infographic with SVG and CSS Animations | Codrops
Fullscreen Slit Slider with CSS3 and jQuery
商業周刊 - 2014年坎城創意節專題報導
Velocity • iOS Speed Reading App
Internet Dreams Studio - Web design London - Creative web agency from Richmond, London, Web Ecommerce & Development
PChome線上購物 - 美國SABRE防身噴霧
食記|捷運忠孝復興站「Piazza皮耶薩」–美味平價的義式切片Pizza專賣店! @ Amoureux享楽生活; :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
【北市大安區】皮耶薩PIAZZA義式料理~周一晚間吃到飽喔耶! | 摩艾的童趣野餐塾
Visual Tools To Aid Your Daily Inspirational Process - Site of the Day May 27 2014
Munchery - Site of the Day March 20 2014
Anyi Lu - Site of the Day March 14 2014
Design Embraced - Site of the Day March 03 2014
The Official Squarespace Blog - Site of the Day February 23 2014
2014年度設計日誌 設計迷就是腳勤
New FWA interview | Stewart Krull - Atmosphere Proximity | LinkedIn
Client-Side Form Validation with HTML5
WordPress - Codeus — Multi-Purpose Responsive Wordpress Theme | ThemeForest
Order PSD to HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. – PSD2HTML®
Design Minimalism: What, Why & How.
5 Things I've Learned About Accessibility
Nudge | Charleston SC Graphic & Web Design Studio
莉園商行 @ 流亡的地獄之族 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
仍是溫暖好時光‧理想。時光 @ Tina's美好生活 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
【台北美食】安和65,後現代藝文複合空間 @ NATSUMI‧攝樂遊:分享特色創意美食 :: 隨意窩 Xuite日誌
源 - Cha Cha Thé (Taiwan)
INDULGE 實驗創新餐酒館
Aura tumblr theme byblink and it's over - TC
讓網站動起來!12款優秀的 jQuery 動畫插件推薦 - Javascript - 香港矽谷
主動找事做、不問「怎麼辦」》沒做到這七點,你在職場永遠是個魯蛇 - 職場力 - 職場修練 - CAREhER - 商業周刊
IMHO, 黑貘來說: 媒體在社群網路的消長分析 (2014前半年)
DailyView 網路溫度計 - 時事網路大數據分析
公民之路,荊棘密佈:讓社會學揭露人家不想你知道的事 | 巷仔口社會學
張英樹:我們沒有一個工作叫做「志工」─年輕人要有專業而不能只有熱情 - The News Lens 關鍵評論網
可樂喝完後才是重點!行銷人必看,一支影片就收買消費者的心 - 財經 - 產業動態 - MR JAMIE - 商業周刊
「明星製造機」易智言的養星四招 - 成功者故事 - 商業周刊
IPPAWARDS | 8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards™ » 2014 Children
雄獅欣講堂 - Xin Forum
Discover VSCO Grid℠: Mirrors | blog | VSCO
Careers Search
Kickstarter links with the Guardian to highlight journalism projects | Media |
BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti Goes Long — Matter — Medium
五個內容行銷操作失敗的原因 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
「今日頭條」刺痛媒體產業 - 紐約時報 國際生活
Beats Music | Online Music Streaming
Bublcam: 360º Camera Technology for Everyone by Bubl Technology Inc. — Kickstarter
DevArt。 使用代码创作的艺术。
Careers Search
用于构建交互式图表的最佳 jQuery 图表库 - 技术翻译 - 开源中国社区
护肤: 防护 | 珍珠光采美白系列
一刻 豆瓣每日内容精选
Work - Archive - Yuko Shimizu
森本晃司 - Koji Morimoto (HTML5)
jQuery Scroll Path
気鋭のアーキテクトが伝授 誰も教えてくれなかった「バックアップの極意」
Jonathan Bennett x VSCO Film® | blog | VSCO
5 Important Email Templates for Freelance Designers | Webdesign and SEO Tips - Collegegfx
海倫費雪解釋,我們為何戀愛、為何不忠 | Talk Video |
精選品牌夏日出遊小物 旅行小物 護照套 - Pinkoi 好日推好物
TO DO LIST 這樣用才對! | 經理人Manager Today|管理、經理人、企業管理、品牌
Rue 216 | 法式美食小酒館 French Bistro & Bar in Taipei
因應四個最新趨勢,內容行銷正在顛覆零售業 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
“今日头条”刺痛媒体产业 - 纽约时报 国际生活
五個內容行銷操作失敗的原因 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
Method Journalism - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
2014年最新星座分析出爐了,準到你哭…… | Giga Circle
Khadi & Co Indigo Wool Blanket | Home | Steven Alan
FWA - Favourite Website Awards
Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends
Web Awards Gallery :: CSSDA - Website Of The Day Winners
Dribbble - P&Co Story by adaptable.
50 CSS Libraries, Frameworks and Tools from 2014
Simple Sharing Buttons Generator v2.4 | by @fourtonfish
ha-Aretz 應許之地 / 島嶼 » 活動 » 河岸留言音樂藝文咖啡 on iNDIEVOX
Twitter / Moore: With all the "GitHub for ...
Inline Anchor Styles
Card — make your credit card better in one line of code
Cannes Lions 2014
Passport - Design Bureau
slide to unlock | Flickr – 相片分享!
Russ & Daughters Designer Kelli Anderson recently... | Escape Kit
[讀詩] 南瓜載我來的 /夏宇<備忘錄> @ 小貓斑比 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
Inline Anchor Styles
jquery.mmenu - Google 搜尋
Tutorial, learn how to use the jQuery.mmenu plugin
jQuery.mmenu – Create Sliding Menu With Ease
jQuery.mmenu » slick app look-alike sliding menus for your mobile website
結構化資料標記 seo - Google 搜尋
SEOmoz新手指南 - 複合式摘要是什麼?細節,才是關鍵! | SEO不寂寞!提供SEO教學的國民小學
Google Webmaster Tools 结构化数据标记使用入门指南 | 尉聊子的外贸网络营销博客
[SEO技術分享]6個善用網站管理員工具增進SEO的方法 | awoo SEO 關鍵字行銷誌
三種結構化標記把你頁面的秘密告訴Google_2 @ beangte的部落格 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
Google Structured Data Testing Tool
Drive - Setup
Web Design for Beginners - Tuts+ Course
Out Now: Conditional Design Workbook
Chinese Traditional Blog - Skype updates, releases, and our most popular posts - Skype Blogs- Skype Blogs
Opinion Series: Tone of Voice — The Dieline
避免無心之過:確認的重要性 | Desiring Clicks
Geometric theme for RapidWeaver - Elixir
Error 404
紐約時報新總編的5大數位挑戰 | 重點新聞 | 中央社即時新聞 CNA NEWS
VSCO x KKi - Black | Krochet Kids Intl.
春花忘錄 - 樂多日誌
Facebook Content Sharing Best Practices
All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic] - Jon Loomer Digital
Magazine - Marie Claire 美麗佳人風格時尚網
客户端 - 豆瓣阅读
The Next Web - International technology news, business & culture
The anonymous heroes of the Washington Post - The Washington Post
Think Work Observe
Oak Street Magazine
personal message
【马牌轮胎195/65R15】【京东自营】马牌轮胎 195/65R15 CC5 91H【行情 报价 价格 评测】-京东商城
紐約時報新總編的5大數位挑戰 | 重點新聞 | 中央社即時新聞 CNA NEWS
Sunrise Calendar
365 Photos Later — The story of Unsplash’s first year: from Hacker News to, the homepage of, 10 million downloads, and everything in between.
The Top 50 Free Web PSD Templates for 2014 • 1stwebdesigner
情緒 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
心情 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
尋路臺灣 - 客運史
天下雜誌-見過地獄的男人——安倍晉三 日本再起的光與影
感覺 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
桔梗花的花語和故事 - Yahoo!奇摩知識+
桔梗花語 - 樂多閱讀頻道
Macaw: The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool
Evil Is The New Black
Sawdust: Wired [UK] — Collate
Beyonderground Helsinki 2014 — Werklig
Visual Identity for The Ergonomics Society on Behance
X相乘系列 - 跨國感讀.文化相乘 | 「X相乘系列」跨國感讀.文化相乘
Export Your Springpad Data
CSS & Design Gallery | Design Shack
Dribbble - real-pixels.jpg by Andrew Baygulov
Tokyo . city on Behance - Search by descriptive and conceptual categories
学校法人 道徳学園 のだ山幼稚園
Creaktif - Accueil
4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer | Co.Design | business + design
Elvine - Lookbook on Behance
新着情報 - 摂南大学
大阪総合デザイン専門学校 グラフィックデザイン、マンガ、インテリア、声優、絵本、イラスト、コミックアート、フィギュアを学ぶなら
長野県の学校法人上田学園 上田西高等学校の公式ホームページ|上田西高等学校
在校生と保護者の皆さまへ | 東京電機大学中学校・高等学校
terminal Inc. / art direction and design.
+ 向攝影大師布列松致敬! @ + 陌生人工作室 + :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
A month with Sketch 3 — Medium
jQuery tinyMap: 輕鬆建立 Google 地圖的 jQuery Plugin
02-In-Bed-Print-Moffitt-Moffitt-BPO.jpg (900×593)
Les Jardins Secrets — Conception de jardins on Behance
elephantwork’s likes on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
friends, Tien Tien Circle Creatives
URS新聞 | 台北村落之聲
Phở Devstack - Automated workflow for front-end developers in one tasty bowl of code
lan lan on Behance
Lettering Logo Design, Vol. 2 on Behance
lan lan - The Womb
Character | Branding & Design Agency : Artists : Kai Schaefer
旅行摄影 - 论坛 - 穷游网
印度的西藏地圖:第四張,時間之輪 |
三星活動 - 台灣三星電子
冷靜的筆 | 公民行動影音紀錄資料庫
Dribbble - by Marta Krstic
Dribbble - by Marta Krstic
Fauna - FichaProyecto Site
Artforms - Ben Richards Design
Tatte - Amanda Jane Jones
Mobile And Accessibility: Why You Should Care And What You Can Do About It | Smashing Magazine
Divi WordPress Theme
jQuery Image Slideshow Plugin | Tutorialzine
JQuery Slideshow plugin
博客早安! 超美味 愛的早午餐
Events Page | International Center of Photography
Magazines | Voices of Photography
为开发者准备的 15 个最棒的 JavaScript 动画库 - 技术翻译 - 开源中国社区
Anima — CSS animations with a soul
animo.js • Labs by Big Room Studios
Move.js - CSS3 animation framework for JavaScript
13 Excellent jQuery Animation Techniques | Tutorials
Easings | jQuery UI API Documentation
宇宙宅急便 |粉酷多,值得分享的事物
Four Words Going Bye-Bye -
2014 台北電影節
Archive « Mandala Publications
Back Alley Barbershop - Plus63 Design Co.
Polnische Spezialitäten on Behance
PF DESIGN STUDIO Self Promotion Booklet on Behance
Maggie Chok—Graphic Design
BuzzOrange | 科技不能解決的事,就交給BuzzOrange吧!!
Circle - 網路發展、行動生活、新創產業、行銷趨勢
TechOrange X AppWorks Demo Day #8 實況轉播 | TechOrange
Dribbble - Hotel Website UX by adaptable.
首页 | Tiffany & Co.
特价学生机票、酒店、团体旅游和其他折扣 | StudentUniverse
::: Medialand Strategy x Digital x Creative x Media :::
行動装置 - 已採用 Google
專家有道 星展教你看門道 – 星展銀行
Generator for Startup Framework: Create Landing Page - Designmodo
How I designed a website without Photoshop — Web Design — Medium
The Startup's Guide to Budget Design
Conditioner.js • Frizz Free, Environment-aware, JavaScript Modules
OneEngine - FREE Multi-purpose One Page WordPress Theme | EngineThemes
20+ Inspiring Clean, Simple And Minimalist Website Designs | Web Revisions
Recreating the "Design Samsung" Grid Loading Effect | Codrops
Rajtoral - WebAwwards Web Design Inspiration
Some Of The Most Recommended Free jQuery Image Gallery Plugins And Sliders
Freebie: 70 Ecommerce and Shopping Icons (AI, EPS & PSD)
Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest
This Week in Design: May 16, 2014 | Design Shack
Great Design Inspiration | From up North
Anagrama | One of Twelve
你有沒有想過,相信設計師的專業也是一種社會責任 ? | TechOrange《 爆橘 |
10 Ways to Promote Your Design Project - Designmodo
Web Development Reading List (WDRL) by Web Development Reading List
5 Beautiful Email Landing Pages | Webdesign and SEO Tips - Collegegfx
怪獸爸爸: 接受自己軟弱的一面 才能走得更遠
simple css tools to minimize designing time | Effective and Powerful CSS Tools | CSS Tools to Reduce Your Workload |
Restaurant Web Designs: 40 Yummy Cafe & Restaurant Websites and Trends | Webdesign and SEO Tips - Collegegfx
Weekly News for Designers (N.235)
Google Authorship Made Simple (Free eBook)
How To Create a Landing Page That Brings in a Steady Stream of Customers –
Bootstrap 3 Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know ♥ Scotch
Inspirational Web Design Using Transparent Buttons
What color are you - You get a chance to repaint the inside of your entire house without worrying about the cost. What do you do?
Adobe Acrobat XI
行銷邁入新世代,現在內容行銷當道 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
GOMAJI 夠麻吉 - 團購、美食、旅遊、SPA、折扣、優惠、好康
17Life - 團購,24小時宅配,優惠券,即買即用
Dribbble - Art Residence by Konstantin Karpov
Dribbble - Quiproquo by Guillaume Kurkdjian
Dribbble - Tutorial screen by Cuberto
Mandatum Life - Life Magazine #5 / Business Design / Wonder Agency
Tuscan Hills / Cereal Magazine
Dribbble - New Site Live by Dan Trenkner
Food Mafia® Identity on Behance
迎向陽光:澳洲受虐羊 – 國家地理雜誌-中文網
Where Pedestrians and Bicyclists Are Injured, and Why -
Information for the World's Business Leaders -
Teaching Code in the Classroom - Room for Debate -
Hayao Miyazaki: emperor of anime | Dazed
Do you have a lesson to teach? Seeking nominations for TED2012: The Classroom | TED Blog
Top Stories from The New York Times
很多事情再怎麼努力也是徒勞無功,但人生不能只做你覺得有希望的事 - The News Lens 關鍵評論網
55+ Best jQuery Image Zoom Effect Plugins | Designrazzi
zoom | jQuery Plugin Registry
EasyZoom, jQuery image zoom plugin
EasyZoom, jQuery image zoom plugin
g-Force Sport COMP-2 | BFGoodrich Tires
BFGoodrich g-Force Sport
米其林輪胎 215/60R16 XM2 95H 奧德賽/本田CR-V/思迪/雅閣-tmall.com天貓
輪胎 - 搜狗购物
奥特瑞普(AUTOGRIP) 轮胎 165 65R13 R102 北斗星路宝 五菱之光【报价、价格、评测、参数】_汽车轮胎_苏宁易购
Dribbble - IMDb by Teemu Paananen
- 5T Book by Umut Altıntaş
Low Roar - I'm Leaving - YouTube
更多時事-DailyView 網路溫度計
麥可傑克森《超脫》首支主打〈Love Never Felt So Good〉全球首播! | 台灣索尼音樂娛樂股份有限公司
The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize - Tuts+ Code Tutorial
The Roaming Dive
Behance :: Log In
The Escape of Film on Behance
Kokoro & Moi on Behance
m i s s b e a n { d o t } n e t
Hofstede Design + Development
Matt Olpinski | UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer
Solo, Independent Graphic Design Studio from Barcelona
Think Work Observe
Lakefield - Good Guy Lyrics
給12星座的999封信~獻給射手座的你(持續更新【給十二星座的信】 @ 非紅不可行銷系 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
阿育吠陀瑜珈 呼吸姿勢體位三合一 | 20140514 | 華人健康網
業 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
因果論 (佛教) - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
三毒 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
蘊 (佛教) - 維基百科,自由的百科全書
【大隻佬】神通,扺不過業力 @ 一念。成魔  :: 隨意窩 Xuite日誌
走在人生道路上,要擔負起你的責任 @ 籤詩千思千千事-人生如棋.落棋不悔 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
VOLLTEXT - Zeitung für Literatur - Editorial Design - Jann de Vries - Kommunikationsdesigner (B. A.)
親愛的,我把電子秤變聰明了~acaia 手沖咖啡專用秤。 | SayDigi | 點子生活
About Issuu
IE Zero Day Update: Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch, Even for XP | Emsisoft Blog
【心得】黑暗騎士:黎明昇起-需要從跌倒中自己站起來的不只是布魯斯韋恩 @電影遊戲新視界 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特
» 滚动视差设计指南 | 腾讯ecd – 电商用户体验设计部 E-Commerce User Experience
[專題] HypeSphere狂熱球電影資訊網2013年10大佳片 | HypeSphere
Studio Beige on Behance
Professional Website Design Software for Designers | Create a Website | Webydo
Notebook | Web Application
Made Publishers — Home
FLiPER 潮流藝文誌
Creative Software for Mac & iOS — Realmac Software
鏡頭下的中國(上) | Viewpoint
10個優秀視差滾動插件 | 前端資源-css3教程-css3實例-css3動畫 | W3CPlus
Jarallax - download's
Apple - iPad Air - Scrolling Parallax Plugin for jQuery
21 Examples of Parallax Scrolling in Web Design | Inspiration
Whiteboard | Space
Soleil Noir 2012 | We believe in...
Home - OK-Studios - Corporate Design & Brand Creation - Typo3 & Magento Agentur Hamburg
辦公室戀情不好談,過來人告訴你為什麼! - 吐司編
Wikipedia Redesign Concept by George Kvasnikov
Tim Green — Medium
redesign website - Google 搜尋
The New York Times website redesign is great, as far as it goes — which isn’t very far — Tech News and Analysis
New York Times Redesign
TechCrunch 中国
Palestinian President Abbas: Holocaust a ‘Heinous Crime’ |
Yi-Lake | Pinkoi | 設計師品牌
Fancy - Rattan Picnic Basket for 2
Fancy - Novel Duffle Bag by Herschel Supply Co.
P & Co Clothing | Life Style Elegance
PAZZO|It is the accessory of life.|
台北精品酒店 | 台北西門町amba意舍酒店官方網站 | 台北西門町住宿首選 | 品味台北住宿推薦
Metrics, A Story — Medium
GatherContent — Website content organisation, collaboration and workflow management.
Yournaline | Yournaline - 免費文件分享及儲存
Book cheap flights and last-minute offers online | SWISS
10 Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks and Tools
Festningen | Uniform Strategisk Design
Kolonihagen | Uniform Strategisk Design
Almanac | A Brand Companion
Kitchener Photography | UK Fine Art Wedding Photography: Robby and Marina - A marriage proposal at Glencoe, Scotland.
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Exploring NYC History and Neighborhoods | Cinematix
Fort Lean
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any list scroller - jQuery scrolling plugin by to scroll any list with any content - web design and development
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宇宙浪費主義 (白色星球 影評)
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Datepicker | jQuery UI
Discussion on DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar | CodeCanyon
10 Best jQuery Calendar Plugins for Developers | Code Geekz
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HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers
Letter to a Junior Designer ∙ An A List Apart Column
Unit Editions — Home
5 fundamentals every web designer needs to understand | Webdesigner Depot
How Americans Die
12 Little-Known CSS Facts
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PunNode | 台灣:壹週刊轉型陣痛期,以粉絲團與APP再出發
[ BIOS Monthly ] 【2014 亞洲五十最佳餐廳專題】他們眼中的台灣:專訪亞洲五十最佳餐廳總編威廉.杜魯與新加坡旅館餐飲大亨盧立平
The details and summary elements | HTML5 Doctor
逗逗蟲 - YouTube
jardhead - Google 搜尋
今年最後一天上班 | My365
freelance translator mia c. hsieh 謝靜雯 翻譯作品集: 2013年8月譯作《筆電愛情》
美國電子書的定價太低了嗎? | Readmoo部落格
Sleepy Weekend — Camellia Fiber Company
Sugar & Bruno Rebranding Concept on Behance
Madsen Lima / Branding Professional
POINTBARRE - papier – écran
Add test for `picture` element support, per the proposed spec/impl. currently underway. by Wilto · Pull Request #1302 · Modernizr/Modernizr · GitHub
Create a website using Startup Design Framework | Webdesigner Depot
A Design Film Festival Singapore 2014 | 05 - 14 September 2014
Sieglinde Fischer on Behance
jQuery.mmenu - Examples
創新的漸進式 | MIX 2014
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Almanac | A Brand Companion
Jay Fram  Design studio Almanac’s most recent... | Escape Kit
Mr. PM – 產品企劃、產品經理、行銷與Mobile APP | 以產品經理的角度,探討產品企劃、設計、行銷、Mobile APP與創業相關的議題。
Celebrating Our First Year -
BVD — Reitan
From Male Model to Bicycle Maker: The Transformation of Helio Ascari by Style No Chaser | Details Network
F R E E / M A N - Articles - Introducing: Guided by Cereal
Everplaces | Explore
Formoid - Beautiful CSS Form Generator
Dribbble - Inc by Dawid Liberadzki
Hello / Business Design / Wonder Agency
Velvet Revolver - Loving The Alien:歌詞+翻譯。lyrics | 音樂庫
60 Fresh Creative One Page Website Designs | InstantShift
はじめて持つなら、このカード。三井住友VISAデビュープラスカード | 三井住友VISAカード
How to Colorize a Black and White Photo - Tuts+ Photography Tutorial
Weekly Web & Mobile Creativity n.59
typo/graphic posters
Passport - Design Bureau
500px / View from ESB by Kate Dudkina
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Mucho - The global boutique design studio
Michał Ptaszyński Portfolio
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Sublime Text: The text editor you'll fall in love with
BARREL | Present Your Animation Ideas
9 jQuery Plugins for Improving Website Navigation | Tools
A Few Design Lessons From Apple |
Explore Create Repeat – by 4ormat
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Design Lab | Sharp&Nimble | Portfolio site for designer, Bilal Mechairia
How child porn killed my app called YayNay — Medium
Mixture - The perfect front-end development tool for Mac & Windows.
Layout in Flipboard for Web and Windows — Flipboard Engineering
the elephant in the room | Jessie's 潔西家
iPhone App Design & Development Company | iOS Applications - Ramotion Agency
Green Kitchen Stories » The healthy vegetarian recipe blog
Magazine | DOC. Magazin - Fakultät für Design HM
FREE Resume Template on Behance
Klim Type Foundry - Auckland Triennial Catalogue
Paper prototyping is a waste of time — Medium
Brogen Averill on Behance
Adventures in Cooking: Brown Butter Pumpkin Cake With Whipped Cream Cheese + Honey
jQuery.mmenu – Create Sliding Menu With Ease
Whatever goes up, that’s what we do
Symbolset - SS Glyphish
Essential design tips for the mobile web | Webdesigner Depot
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Google 翻譯
50 essential freebies for web designers, April 2014 | Webdesigner Depot
Really Good Emails - The Best Email Designs in the Universe (that came into my inbox)
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Michał Ptaszyński Portfolio
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CSS animations and transitions performance: looking inside the browser | Web Platform Team Blog
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Really Good Emails - The Best Email Designs in the Universe (that came into my inbox)
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Every Streetwear Font and Fashion House Font In One Infographic - SLAMXHYPE
Confetti - There Are Still Quiet Places On Earth
This is Healthbook, Apple’s major first step into health & fitness tracking | 9to5Mac
Dribbble - TedxBend by Craig Stubblefield
Dribbble - Best Online Portfolio: .Net Awards nomination by Haraldur Thorleifsson
Dribbble - Symbolicons Block 2 & Line 2 by Jory Raphael
ID by 3 Advertising
Nirav Patel | Fine Art Wedding Photographer
BoxShop - An Ecommerce template PSD by DEZINE Studio India
It's Nice That : Publication: An interview with Michael Renaud, creative director of Pitchfork's excellent new print magazine
SAVVY STUDIO | Monterrey, Mexico
espluga+associates branding, packaging and communication portfolio.
enRoute / Future of French Food : alex cretey systermans
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FFFFOUND! | I need a guide: gwon osang
FFFFOUND! | JRP_CoverSeasonCatZoom.jpg 808×604 pixels
FFFFOUND! | Ryan Todd +44 (0)7966 846471
You jacked my scroll bro — Creative, Product Design, Design Idea — Medium
(cs)spinner | pure CSS loading animations with minimal effort.
Nixon Men | Nixon Men's Watches and Premium Accessories |
Local Milk | A Cast Iron Skillet & A Camera
beth kirby photography
The Abbasi Brothers - Something Like Nostalgia (2008)
經濟鴉片 « chenglap's Blog
Web Design & Development News: Collective #106 | Codrops
ScrollMagic - The jQuery plugin for magical scroll interactions.
RowGrid.js Demo by brunjo
Travel Wallet - Wallets - Slim Leather Wallets by Bellroy
Simplify your life — Clear
SitePoint on CodePen
Understanding Masonry Layout - SitePoint
Luxury resale store, find pre-owned fashion on Vestiaire Collective
New In | Shop the latest women
音樂是這世界上最美好的事:雲端情人原聲帶與延伸聆聽 - 樂多日誌
Unmark - The to do app for bookmarks.
Stripe: Checkout
dietlind wolf
Araki · Museum of me on Behance
Graphic Design by Les Graphiquants | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration
Gute Nacht
There is a Line Book | Sara Westermann
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Page Speed: How Soon Will Visitors See Your Content?
How to Create a CSS3 Pop-Out Menu Without Learning Programming • 1stwebdesigner
Google UX design with heart — UX / User Interface  — Medium + Khoi Vinh’s Web site
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Your Store
GFashion Shop
Taragana Pyjarama | Pitchfork
Fool House
Dribbble - UC1 by Ryan Harrison
download PSD - Download Free PSD
World around you
起點 | KEEDAN web mag
Kristina Krogh Studio
Native Coffee Roasters | STATIONERY OVERDOSE
Bureau 205 : Accueil
KapStone Paper and Packaging | Corrugated Packaging & Kraft Paper
Mick Turner: Don't Tell the Driver | Album Reviews | Pitchfork
Mick Turner Don't Tell The Driver Lyrics - Google 搜尋
Album Review: Mick Turner – Don’t Tell The Driver | Consequence of Sound
Mick Turner - Don’t Tell The Driver in Releases : Mess+Noise
Women's, Men's and Kid's Clothing and Accessories | Home | UNIQLO
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The Magic Circle: a CSS brain teaser
13 Beautiful Examples of Colorful Websites | Inspiration
One Billion Dollars
CSS Shake
Five Simple Steps - Welcome
The best free WordPress plugins for March 2014 | Webdesigner Depot
CSS Gradients | CSS-Tricks
The Great Discontent Magazine, Issue 1 by Ryan & Tina Essmaker — Kickstarter
【老貓出版偵查課】重新打造新聞網站那個「失落的環節」:專題模版 | Readmoo部落格
【週末副刊】末日沒來,想像未來─ 獨立雜誌的數位化契機 « CASE PRESS
First mobile templates marketplace for designers and developers ⋅
KAE - 免費文件分享及儲存
ISSUU - Search
Studio L'Étiquette
Daily Designer
The Antlers | Media
Brendan Jones on Behance
旅行,為了什麼? | TEDxTaipei
Design a Product Mascot using Illustrator
Cloudwash – our prototype connected washing machine | Berg Blog
Daring Fireball: Mail Improvements in OS X 10.9.2
Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
Script & Seal
Cloudwash (Berg)
Yahoo行動首頁如何誕生? 設計總監揭密 - Yahoo奇摩新聞
LIKE-us-on-facebook-GIF-14.gif (245×281)
InVision – Free Web & Mobile Mockup and UI Prototyping Tool
P&Co Clothing | Digital Design Agency | adaptable.
15 Responsive Navigation jQuery Plugins
Sidr - A jQuery plugin for creating side menus
Download and changelog for the jQuery.mmenu plugin
SlickNav - Responsive Mobile Menu Plugin for jQuery
jQuery Mobile Docs - Select
Responsive Mobile Menu
Simple jQuery Mobile Menu
What’s Cool for Designers this Week #46 - Crazyleaf Design Blog
NOEEKO — Design Studio
Lionel Melchiorre on Behance
Responsive Emails in Rails with Ink - SitePoint
Start Coding with Wireframes ∙ An A List Apart Column
Episode 15: Knowing Your Tools—Ethan Marcotte — The Nudge
How SVG Line Animation Works | CSS-Tricks
we sell everything but the girl
Mobile Awesomeness
45 Mobile Web Designs To Show You One Of Future Trends
Where to Find Great Mobile Design Inspiration
Media Queries for Standard Devices | CSS-Tricks
What’s new for designers, February 2014 | Webdesigner Depot
8 Ways to Add a Responsive Navigation Menu on Your Site
Top 10 Free Responsive Image Galleries/Slideshows
ResponsiveSlides.js · Responsive jQuery Slider & Slideshow
FlexSlider 2
jQuery Content Slider | Responsive jQuery Slider | bxSlider
SlidesJS, a responsive slideshow plug-in for jQuery (1.7.1+) with features like touch and CSS3
JavaScript - JBMarket Full Width Slider | CodeCanyon
Full Width Sliders - DreamCodes
JoeBonham/jQuery-Full-Width-Image-Slider · GitHub
Full Width Slider | RoyalSlider
Full Width Slider | RoyalSlider Example
Smart Slider 2 - Demo
LayerSlider jQuery full width slider
Useful Learning Resources For Web Designers | Smashing Magazine
Klout | The Standard for Influence
26 Web Design Tutorials for Learning New CSS3 Properties -
Free vector icons | SVG, PSD, PNG & Icon Font | Thousands of Free Icons
30 Free Bootstrap Code Examples for Web Developers | SpyreStudios
8 Ways to Add a Responsive Navigation Menu on Your Site
2014 Will Be Year of Parallax | Design Shack
Reporting From the Web’s Underbelly -
11 Incredibly Inspiring Service & App Websites | Inspiration
Showcase of Trendy Hipster Style Website Designs
Optimizing Mobile Web Apps for iOS - Treehouse Blog
47 Useful Responsive Web Design Toolbox | InstantShift
HTML KickStart - Ultra–Lean HTML Building Blocks for Rapid Website Production - KickStart your Website Production
查理布考斯基 | we sell everything but the girl
Introducing Dashboard view | Dropmark — Organize, collaborate, and share
2014 網頁設計趨勢(10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2014) | 幹什麼網摘
How to Use Mobile Emulation Mode in Chrome
About — Rob Wootten
创业邦 - 全球视野的创业信息和专业服务平台
10 tips for designing mobile websites – These Days Labs
日活日日學◣ 2014小開學書展,學生價5折起!2/10-3/31
Spiritualized "Mississippi Space Program" - Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song) by FatPossum on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Spiritualized Mississippi Space Program | DAYS OF THE CRAZY-WILD
UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship · An A List Apart Article
20 Beautiful UI & UX Designer Portfolios For Inspiration
Building HTML5 and CSS3 Anchor Link Tooltips | Design Shack
Tuts+ Blog — Tuts+ Report Card: How Did We Score? An Idea for The Times’ Pay Wall
26 Web Design Tutorials for Learning New CSS3 Properties -
Less Text more Multimedia - New Approach in Website Design - Designmodo
Andrew Cullen
Guidelines For Mobile Web Development | Smashing Magazine
Chicago Business App Developer | The Must-Read App Design Manual: Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines | Lextech Global Services
Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites - Webmasters — Google Developers
44 Fresh Minimal Website Designs for Inspiration | InstantShift
Stefan Ivanov | UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer
76 management
15 Fresh Examples of Clean and Minimal Web Designs | Inspiration
19 Examples of Minimalistic Web Designs | Inspiration
20 Examples of Minimalistic Responsive Web Designs - Designmodo
30 Beautiful Minimalist Web Designs
More Air – Design Agency, London
Justin Aguilar - Designer
Sociates | Digital Agency, Digital Consultancy & Digital Strategy | London, Surrey
Hover Studio / London interaction design agency
京东客户端、app下载平台 - 京东
Eva Black Design | Studio
The Legacy of Le Corbusier on Behance
13 Examples of Beautiful Photos in Web Design | Inspiration
How to use large images like a pro | Webdesigner Depot
Robin Wright, Putting on a Director’s Cap -
Web Design & Development News: Collective #102 | Codrops
How to Size Text in CSS · An A List Apart Article
GYMSports – Free PSD Template | The Uncreative Lab
Acapo Visual Identity on Behance
Best of the Week: Tech News, Videos, Illustrations and more | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Sites of the Week: Paramore, Village, Foogi and more | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
免下載 YouTube mp3, 把瀏覽器變 YouTube 智慧型音樂電台 -電腦玩物
Streaming YouTube music made simple by Google Chrome - Streamus
26 Examples of Fullscreen Video Backgrounds in Web Design -
15 WordPress Design Themes for a Corporate Website |
Create beautiful photo narratives - Exposure
The Windmill Club
HR Software | Kin HR
Shop - Living Edge
Simple version control for designers - LayerVault
Digital Agency Sydney, Melbourne | Web Design Sydney, Melbourne
Inc — Share news, ideas and knowledge in one place
Layer - The open communications Layer for the Internet
CSS3 Media Queries 詳細介紹與使用方法,Responsive Web Design 必備技術 – 樂在設計
搜狐视频纪录片频道 - 搜狐视频
纪录片频道- 最新、经典高清正版纪录片-爱奇艺
Canon infographic | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Sunrise Over Sea
Scrolling is easier than clicking
免下載 YouTube mp3, 把瀏覽器變 YouTube 智慧型音樂電台 -電腦玩物
13 Examples of Illustrations and Hand Drawn Elements in Web Design | Inspiration
Websites with Exceptionally Creative and Unique Navigation
Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps -
Tutorial : Killer Tips to Use App Framework for Developing Mobile HTML5 Apps - Crazyleaf Design Blog
How to create mood boards: 40 pro tips and tools | Graphic design | Creative Bloq
CSS Variables — How To Use Custom Properties For Cascading Variables - Vanseo Design
44 Fresh Minimal Website Designs for Inspiration | InstantShift
Getting The Most Out Of Your Web Conference Experience | Smashing Magazine
Simple Yet Important Cross-Browser Styling Tips Everyone Should Know
Pacificana Co. on Behance
LightDose — Flat&Minimal WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest
2014 Predictions for Web Design
Quotidian Ventures
Learn by Doing - Code School
Development | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content
How To Use Data And Research To Build A Better Mobile Web | Smashing Mobile
Best of the Week: Architecture, Web Design, Photography and more | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
25 Examples of Big Typography in Web Design
A List Together · An A List Apart Article
What Happens When the President Sits Down Next to You at a Cafe - Robinson Meyer - The Atlantic
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Twitter Reporting by SumAll
Meet AndiG: A Top Web Designer on Microlancer - Microlancer Blog
Development Courses – Tuts+ Courses
Newspaper/ Periódico: VISION on Behance
How To Use Data And Research To Build A Better Mobile Web | Smashing Mobile
Dribbble - El Luchador by Jennifer Razo
this isn't happiness™ (I have a face), Peteski
Magazine -
Arem Duplessis -
Sunrise Calendar – iPhone, Google Calendar app
Live Event Marketing & Lead Capture Tool for the iPad and Tablet Devices
Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery
Woodhouse on Behance
ようこそさっぽろブログ - 札幌を楽しもう! | 札幌の住人による、日常を綴ったブログ。英語、韓国語、中国語などで書かれ、日本語の対訳付き。札幌市の公式観光サイトようこそさっぽろの姉妹ウェブサイトです。
Media Queries
Offscreen Magazine — A magazine about the people behind bits and pixels.
Home | Nest
Z63 | Vertical align anything with just 3 lines of CSS
13 Inspiring Examples of Whitespace in Web Design | Inspiration
Toni & Matt | Om Malik
Google to Acquire Nest – Investor Relations – Google
Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs. JavaScript | CSS-Tricks
Responsive Web Design: Workshops and training with Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte
The Year in Kickstarter 2013
The net Awards 2014: Celebrating the best in web design and development
Web Design: 20 Hottest Trends To Watch Out For In 2014
Christie Faces Scandal on Traffic Jam Aides Ordered -
Ten reasons we switched from an icon font to SVG - Ian Feather
20 Useful Web Development Online Courses and Tutorials | InstantShift
New York Times Redesign
Featured designer: Fabien Barral
Chris Granger - Light Table is open source
The Curious Case Of Yahoo's App Reviews
What The New York Times Web Reboot Gets Right | Co.Design | business + design
Front End Ops - Ian Feather
OK, let's do this
Seesaw Studio | Brand Agency | Melbourne, Australia | Seesaw Studio
Full Stop. on Behance
日清杯麵 cm - YouTube
什麼是到達頁面(Landing Page)?重要嗎?
Using SVG | CSS-Tricks
如何在 SVG 與 Canvas 之間選擇 (Windows)
【O專欄】SVG:可縮放向量圖形的好處與可能性 | T客邦 - 我只推薦好東西
Best Free Responsive Html5 Css3 Templates | Themes in 2013
Demo Free Html5 and Css3 Templates |
Apple - iPad Air - Features
2014 年最值得期待的 13 家新創公司 - Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察
Circle - 網路發展、行動生活、新創產業、行銷趨勢
The best of 2013 for designers | Webdesigner Depot
Typewolf — Typographic Inspiration for the Modern Web
December 16, 2013 - Bytesize News
Google Web Designer
GlyphSearch: search for icons from Font Awesome, Glyphicons, IcoMoon, and Ionicons
slidr.js - add some slide effects.
front-end useful tools — Streme
Markdown – Swipe
Photos from Exposure Staff Edit - Exposure
Maskew - a javascript library for skewing the shapes of elements
Do - Work Faster, Together
Galleria – Responsive JavaScript Image Gallery
Best WordPress snippets, hacks and tips from 2013 |
15 Tips to Update Your Site in a Jiffy | BestDesignTuts
Person of the Year | TIME picks the person who most influenced the news each year, for better or worse |
Best Web Designing Frameworks for 2014 - SitePoint
How to Create an Invoice with Twitter Bootstrap, Part 1 - SitePoint
登入 - Google 帳戶
36 Creative Landing Page Design Examples – A Showcase and Conversion Critique | Unbounce
LimitStyle- 實現你的設計其實沒有那麼難
Can-Do vs. Can’t-Do Culture | Re/code
New Year, New Design | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
What's On • 當前計畫 - Clockwork Noses 發    條    鼻    子
[ BIOS Monthly ] 假日排毒的健康食譜
好丘Good Cho's - StreetVoice
AGUA Design
TheGeekyWay - Technology Inside Out
Black Tie - Free Handsome Bootstrap Themes
The Year on Designmodo: Best Articles, Freebies and Products - Designmodo
Web Design & Development News: Collective #96 | Codrops
ConfCal | Conference Calendar - A simple calendar for web and digital conferences
Startup Design Framework: Presentation Sources - Designmodo Journal
Dribbble - Icon Set (144) by Katarina Stefanikova
10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2014 - The Next Web
Unify - Check unicode support for browsers & device | PRTFL Jan Rajtoral
Apple - OS X - So many powerful apps. Built right in.
Michael Symon's Fat Doug Burgers
Pass the Sushi Cooking
WEBデザインのクリップ・リンク集|Web Design Clip 【Webデザインクリップ】
I/O 3000 | Webデザインギャラリー
創作かばん ホソ井
Culture 私達の風土|RECRUIT 2015 株式会社ビーワークス 新卒採用サイト
Hello Monday
Webデザインリンク集 Webデザインポータルサイト S5-Style
Rin crossing [リンクロッシング]
ホーム トランスコスモス
Guide to CSS support in email | Campaign Monitor
Social Good Summit 2013 - Social Good Summit
The Schedule for the MK Geek Night All Dayer Conference . 24 January 2014 . Milton Keynes
腾讯ISUX – 社交用户体验设计 – Better Experience Through Design
Help Center on Vimeo
Waterfall - Art, Photography, Culture and Everyday Life
50 sensational freebies for web designers, December 2013 | Webdesigner Depot
Best of the Week: Technology, Photography, Design and Happy New Year! | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Nord Nord stationary on Behance
Voices of Photography | 攝影之聲
迷閱讀 | 女人迷 womany | 華人第一全方位女性網站
URS新聞 | 台北村落之聲
台北24分之1 | Onion Design Associates
啊!設計 - 公視美育節目 | Onion Design Associates
Tien Tien Circle Creatives - Taipei Funlab 2 反轉台北-臺北藝穗節@米倉咖啡
Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch - Complete Course by Michael John Burns | Udemy
別忽略了 Http 404 Not Found | 小飯包碎碎唸
Tools of the Modern Web Developer – Tuts+ Courses
Project Management Software, Project Planning Software, Time Tracking Software: Wrike
Corporate Holiday HTML5 E-Cards | Progressive Media Group
Taiwan 2.0 » 留白
Inside 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察 | 十個步驟,製作讓人驚艷的資訊圖表
New jQuery Goodies And Online Tools For Web Designers
jQuery Video LightBox Plugin, jQuery Image and Video LightBox Plugin, HTML5 Video Lightbox, HTML5 Photo and Video LightBox - Android, iPhone and iPad Compatible Photo Gallery and Video Gallery
實時改變網頁字體大小、字體背景色和顏色 - 其它特效 - 網頁特效 - Web前端 - 烈火網
peachananr/onepage-scroll · GitHub
Haze ~ Put some color on your forecast
Color Hex -
熱門收集 - PoLoves
Eat Surf Live by Katharina Maria Zimmermann - Exposure
Paintings — Samantha French
Duo, the browser for responsive web development from Electric Pulp
The Responsive Hover Paradigm ◆ 24 ways
Tad Carpenter Creative
Interview With Designer Jan Martin — "Be Careful: Trends Come And Go" | Smashing Magazine
Design Inspiration Toolbox: 100 Sources of Design Inspiration - 全球389,533家酒店. 現在就預訂酒店!
Book Things To Do, Attractions, and Tours | GetYourGuide
Made in Cat on Behance
re-public - grafisk design, identitet, kommunikation | Re-public
::: 日常道具度量衡 ::: 用生活小物,度量出你與生活的美好關係~7 / 7 - 8 / 6 指定商品7折起
Apple - 支援 - Boot Camp - 使用 Boot Camp
Chrome DevTools for Mobile: Screencast and Emulation - HTML5 Rocks
Tasty n Sexy - Sexy Food You Can Eat Daily
Beautiful Examples of Login Forms for Websites and Apps - Designmodo
5 Advanced Mobile Web Design Techniques You’ve Probably Never Seen Before | Mobify
Speed Up Your Mobile Website With Varnish | Smashing Mobile
sidebar fixed when scrolling down - Google 搜尋
landing page - Google 搜尋
Dribbble - Breno Bitencourt
Michał Nowak - Identity on Behance
War on Spec - Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog
deviantART tumblr — Printable keyboard shortcuts sheets for Photoshop,...
Marcin Przybys on Behance
ON–TYPE: Texte zur Typografie — Ausstellungsgestaltung on Behance
PixelGrade Themes
Design Survival
Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act |
迷人的CocoRosie @ 流 れれるるるるれれよ≈ :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
黃顯勛Duncan Huang Design Studio
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Tetris & The Power Of CSS
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【直擊!設計師的秘密空間】從 80 多箱藏品尋找拍片靈感—專訪動畫圖像導演劉耕名|MOT/TIMES 線上誌
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愛成了殺人的理由-《女魔頭》 @ 大仙的足球與電影 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
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