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CIR Show Notes for 1-15-2021
Vice President Pence to visit Fort Drum Sunday
Patriots Activate the Beam of Light: JFK & C_A's 1000 Pieces
(2) Ezra Cohen Watnick Speech on Move to Place Civilian Special Ops Under Acting Secretary of Defense - YouTube
Acting Defense Secretary Announces Change to Special Operations Command Structure |
(2) National Guard Fortifies D.C. for Inauguration - YouTube
Thread by @mericanFireWife on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App
The President’s Secret Powers. PEADs could hold the key to locking up… | by Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC | ILLUMINATION | Medium
Rewriting the limits of presidential powers - CBS News
What Can a President Do During a State of Emergency? - The Atlantic
(2) Trump’s Emergency Powers Are 'Ripe for Abuse' - YouTube
Declared National Emergencies Under the National Emergencies Act | Brennan Center for Justice
(2) BUSTED! Fiona Hill Introduced Steele 2 Danchenko! Hill Was Working With Russia Disinfo At Brookings - YouTube
(2) Senate releases declassified Russia docs undercutting Steele dossier - YouTube
DFN:President Donald J. Trump signs the FY 19 NDAA Part 1 FORT DRUM, NY, UNITED STATES 08.13.2018 - YouTube
The Silent Ones At It Again? Private Spies vs. Shadow Intelligence Community