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CIR Show Notes 02262020
(54) Nate Cain ⭐⭐⭐🙏👪🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Here is the interview you've all been waiting for. In it I share the details of what happened from start to finish and the aftermath. I pray it will make a difference." / Twitter
Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: "It was all a Set-up" - Sara A. Carter
The Strange Case of Adam Lovinger: How Security Clearances of Trump Officials Are Politicized
A thread written by @Techno_Fog: "Did the DOJ leak - or arrange the leak - of Flynn's calls with the Russian Ambassador? Or - how the Flynn [...]"
(2) EP73 - Interview with Nate Cain, FBI Whistleblower - YouTube
(2) President Trump Holds a Press Availability - YouTube
Justice declines to pursue allegations that CIA monitored Senate Intel staff | McClatchy Washington Bureau
How The Pakistani Spy Ring Infiltrated The US Government – Who Trump Is Fighting Against: Obama/Pakistan/John Brennan (Obama Mentor And CIA Obama Appointee). – Investment Watch
John Brennan – The CIA -Zbigniew Brzezinski – Columbia University and Obama | The Last Refuge
(3) Obama and Khalid Mansour - YouTube
(3) I Knew Bin Laden: Part 1 - YouTube
Policies and Procedures Governing Invocation of the State Secrets Privilege
New Documents Reveal CIA Spied on Congress, Whistleblowers
(2) Declassified Documents: CIA Spied on Congress and on Whistleblowers - YouTube
Attkisson: CIA Under Brennan Spied on Intel Whistleblowers, Congress
CIA's ‘surveillance state’ is operating against us all | TheHill
(3) US declassified docs: CIA was reading Congress staff emails on whistleblowers’ protection - YouTube
(2) Confirmed: CIA spied on Senate staff - YouTube
(3) CIA chief apologizes for searching Senate members' computers - YouTube
(3) Qanon - Halper, Ohr, DOD Whistleblower - YouTube
(3) Q Anon: Prepare For The Storm - YouTube
(3) Trump holds a 'Keep America Great' rally in Las Vegas - YouTube
Haqqani and Hekmatyar are 'absolutely salvageable'? | FDD's Long War Journal
Man Versus Afghanistan - The Atlantic
Trump confirms Osama bin Laden's son Hamza killed in US counterterrorism operation - CNNPolitics
(3) News Clips - YouTube
(3) Michelle Bachman Exposes How the Muslim Brotherhood Has Taken Over US Government - YouTube
(3) Bachmann: Obama Allowing Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operations - YouTube
(3) John Brennan knocks down Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy - YouTube
Bachmann: Obama Allowing Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operations - YouTube
(3) 💥Murdered DHS Whistleblower Phillip Haney in 2016 - Obama Ordered Terrorist's Records Scrubbed - YouTube
DHS whistleblower Philip Haney found dead | Fox News Video
(3) Michele Bachmann at Philip Haney Press Conference - YouTube
(3) Rep. Louis Gohmert: Obama Admin Has Muslim Brotherhood Members Advising Them - YouTube