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Show Notes 09182021
Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann Indicted For Lying to FBI While Spreading The False Alfa Bank Trump-Russia Collusion Conspiracy on Behalf of Clinton Campaign - The Last Refuge
NYT — John Durham seeks spygate indictment of Hillary Clinton lawyer… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS
Indictment Shows that John Durham Is Going After More People than Michael Sussmann
Sussmann Case Shows Far-Left Slate Journalist Was Tool for the Democrats and Hillary in Pushing Garbage Trump-Russia Hit Piece
The Michael Sussmann Indictment - by Techno Fog - The Reactionary
NYT: John Durham seeks indictment of Clinton Campaign Lawyer - by Techno Fog - The Reactionary
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Scandals Collide Dossier DNC Server Perkins Coie | National Review
Grant Stinchfield and John Solomon Report Trump Declassified Documents January 19th and White House Counsel Withheld Them - The Last Refuge
Slate journalist sent draft of story to Fusion GPS about possible link between Trump, Russian bank: Indictment | Fox News