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auth0/passport-azure-ad-oauth2: OAuth 2.0 authentication Passport strategies for Windows Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Azure - Cross-Platform Cloud Automation with JavaScript
Azure/azure-sdk-for-node: Azure SDK for Node.js
azure-sdk-for-node/ at master · Azure/azure-sdk-for-node
azure-sdk-for-node/Documentation/ServicePrincipal at master · Azure/azure-sdk-for-node
azure-sdk-for-node/ at master · Azure/azure-sdk-for-node
azure-sdk-for-node/ at master · ratokeshi/azure-sdk-for-node
Create identity for Azure app in portal | Microsoft Docs
04 - Installing npm packages locally | npm Documentation
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Role-Based Access Control in the Azure portal | Microsoft Docs
Actions and NotActions - Azure role-based access control (RBAC) | Microsoft Docs
View Azure resource access assignments | Microsoft Docs