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What now? #1
The Trump Election Crisis: The Rise Of Fascism In America | The Huffington Post
Ryan: 'We are not planning on...
Taking Election Results like a Stoic – Euthyphroria
What the Hell Just Happened? – Medium
Dark Mourning in America: “The world is at least/fifty percent terrible” – Medium
Seth's Blog: Education is the answer
Abolish the Electoral College | Jacobin
Eric Holder Says The Electoral College Must Be Abolished | The Huffington Post
National Popular Vote
Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote | National Popular Vote
The Electoral College could be abolished without an amendment.
Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Victory Keeps Growing | The Huffington Post
MoveOn Petitions - Abolish the Electoral College
There Is a Crack in Everything, That’s How the Light Gets In: Leonard Cohen's unreleased, astonishingly timely verses on democracy, and more.
Reach Out and Show Up: How to survive (and even thrive) under Trump – The Revolution Where You Live
What does Trump’s victory mean for higher education? | Bryan Alexander
Listening | Music for Deckchairs
The Politics of Kindness in 2016 | JSTOR Daily
Trump won. Now what? - Columbia Journalism Review
Postcapitalism, innit | NewUnionism's Blog
The Spectacle of Disintegration | Public Seminar
US Election 2016: Are hate crimes spiking after Trump's victory? - BBC News
The forces that drove this election’s media failure are likely to get worse » Nieman Journalism Lab
Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here - The New York Times
The World Waits and Wonders About Donald Trump - The New York Times
California Today: With Trump’s Rise, a Return to the ‘Rebel State’ - The New York Times
The 8 Stages of Processing the Trump Reality
Voted for Trump? I have only one plea. – Medium
Trump won. Now what?? – Save Maine Schools
Now What? - by Scott Bateman
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