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CIR Show Notes: 12-16-2019
(6) Rudy Giuliani on Twitter: "In my next thread of tweets I will be sharing some of the evidence I have garnered through hundreds of hours of research. Turn notifications on & stay tuned." / Twitter
212-397-2255 at DuckDuckGo
(6) 🇺🇸jesus is a libtard (& vs NRA) on Twitter: "@Qanon76 You must be proud." / Twitter
Boris Johnson Wins U.K. Election in a Landslide | Time
(6) 🇺🇸🔥Lady De’Plorable🔥🇺🇸 on Twitter: "THIS is FABULOUS We’re mad as hell & we’re NOT going to take it anymore! #QuidProJoe getting called OUT! “Son of a Bitch he got Fired, right Joe?” #WeAreAwake #KAG2020LandslideVictory" / Twitter
(23) Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo 12/15/19 | Breaking Fox News December 15, 2019 - YouTube
(6) Follow Qanon! WE STAND UNITED ⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Twitter: "Adam they didn’t buy your SHITT! Angry Constituents Fire back at Adam Schiff in California over his abuse of power!" / Twitter
MYSTERY DEEPENS as DOJ & FBI 757 Jet Makes SECOND FLIGHT to Clinton's Hometown Little Rock; TWO Round TRIPS in 48 Hours Loaded With Boxes & Docs – True Pundit
(23) Wray - TRUST BUT VERIFY! Rosenstein and Wray BOTH on Lindsay Graham's Radar Screen - YouTube
(23) Durham/Horowitz Sets Sights on Senate Intel Committee - A Deep Dive - YouTube
handsign 666 at DuckDuckGo
(1) Jordan Sather on Twitter: "Adding onto earlier 1:29 proofs... Not only did the Justice OIG tweet the release at 1:29pmEST & the Justice Dept tweet AG Barr’s statement at 1:29pm... But the JD put out Durham’s statement at 1:29 too. With 1:29 on Q’s watch from a week ago. A top notch proof. #QAnon" / Twitter
James Comey Admits He Was Wrong for Defending FBI’s FISA Process After IG Report
Papadopoulos Suggests Classified FISA Documents are about Him - The Post & Email
Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain |
Statement of U.S. Attorney John H. Durham | USAO-CT | Department of Justice
(7) DocRock1007 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "24. #QAnon "FISA brings down the House. #Q" / Twitter
Citizens IReport | We Are the News Now