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Sand Salt Moon – Sand and salt under my feet, moon over my head. I am an artist living in Florida. Works available at
Square One Notes – little ideas big pictures
Gwendolyn Goh Watercolor – To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong – Joseph Chilton Pearce
Patty Anne – Art – Sharing my passion of watercolor painting, sketching, and photography
Art – Folsom Mill Studio
A Farm Girl's Life – Photography, Artsy Things, and Life on the Farm
Painting around the neighbourhood – Evelyn Yee
The Introverted Hermit – Planner | Painter | Procrastinator
Elizabeth Ann Lettering – all things art and lettering!
Cornish Bear's Photos
Kathleen Jennings | Tanaudel
RanitasArt - Pattern design - illustration - handmades
Blog – RanitasArt
Just a Thought… – Palm Trees and Loyalties
Blog – Dani Knapp Creates