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How to bypass disable_functions and open_basedir |Cybersecurity | Tarlogic
TCTF2019 Web WP - 小西的博客 | Xiaoxi's Blog
ctf-writeups/ at master · mdsnins/ctf-writeups · GitHub
GitHub - TarlogicSecurity/Chankro: Herramienta para evadir disable_functions y open_basedir
ctf-writeups/ at master · mdsnins/ctf-writeups · GitHub
0CTF/TCTF 2019 Quals
hxp | 0CTF Quals 2019: "Wallbreaker easy" writeup
GitHub - yangyangwithgnu/bypass_disablefunc_via_LD_PRELOAD: bypass disable_functions via LD_PRELOA (no need /usr/sbin/sendmail)
无需sendmail:巧用LD_PRELOAD突破disable_functions - FreeBuf互联网安全新媒体平台
利用LD_PRELOAD绕过disbale_functions | Windylh's blog
PHP disable_functions Bypass 的方法探究 | Tr0y's Blog
0ctf2019 web writeup - 先知社区
0ctf Wallbreaker Easy 详细 Writeup - 先知社区
PHP Webshell下命令执行限制及绕过disable_function方法总结
PHP中通过bypass disable functions执行系统命令的几种方式 - adwin's blog,一个不知所措的青春,adwin