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Spreadsheets and Spreadsheet Events in Organizational Life - MIT Press books
Evil Media | The MIT Press
The Digital Architecture of Time Management - Judy Wajcman, 2019
Numbered Lives · MIT Press on COVID-19
Michael Milken's Spreadsheets: Computation and Charisma in Finance in the Go-Go '80s - IEEE Journals & Magazine
The Practice of Light | The MIT Press
How Silicon Valley sets time - Judy Wajcman, 2019
From Affordances to Accomplishments - digitalSTS
(PDF) The value of data: Considering the context of production in data economies
The Grid Book | The MIT Press
Databite No 133: Fellows Talks with Michele Gilman, Anita Say Chan, and Dan Bouk - YouTube
6.15%: Taking Numbers at Interface Value | Science & Technology Studies
KEEPING TRACK – Natasha Dow Schüll
Self-Tracking | The MIT Press
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