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Drone Delivery Takes Off for Amazon, Walmart | Kiplinger
Amazon and Disney team up to launch an entirely new, Alexa-enabled experience for fans called Hey Disney!
Mercedes-Benz Gets Approval to Deploy Level 3 Driving Tech in Nevada
Robot seal tested for stress relief on pretend Mars mission • The Register
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A.I. Turns Its Artistry to Creating New Human Proteins - The New York Times
Artists accuse Adobe of tracking their design process to power its AI
In a world first, AI lawyer will help defend a real case in the US
'I Don't Believe You:' Artist Banned from r/Art Because Mods Thought They Used AI
This Virtual Twitch Streamer is Controlled Entirely By AI
College student made app that exposes AI-written essays - Polygon
Russia to rescue ISS crew on backup rocket after capsule leak | Reuters
Britain's groundbreaking satellite launch ends in failure | Reuters
Moderna CEO: 400% price hike on COVID vaccine “consistent with the value” | Ars Technica
FDA no longer needs to require animal tests before human drug trials | Science | AAAS
A priest made slideshows with thousands of images of child pornography. He was found out after leaving nude pictures of himself on a church printer. - CBS News
Dancers flashmob funeral with Another One Bites the Dust | UK news | The Guardian
Nathan Meier promoted with Aurora police after being drunk while on duty in 2019
Officials Tell LaSalle Residents Not to Touch Green Substance Released in Carus Fire – NBC Chicago
Larry Ellison stopped by traffic cop on his own island • The Register
‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Live-Action Series Ordered By Paramount+ – Deadline
CES displays new electronic inventions including buttons for dogs -
Demi Lovato poster banned by UK advertising regulator for being offensive to Christians | CNN
A US federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves | CNN Business
Geoengineering startup mimicking volcanic eruption to cool Earth
Want to avoid death? Maybe cryonics isn't crazy | Deccan Herald
Taliban Has Launched Afghanistan's First Supercar
Amid recruiting crisis, Army makes new companies for recruits who don't meet academic, fitness standards | The National Desk
Two Essex schools ban pupils from hugging and holding hands - BBC News
JSO arrest report: Argument over Heaven & Hell leads to pastor being shot
Canada Girl Guides drops 'Brownies' name after it's deemed offensive - BBC News
Florida burglars spotted driving pickup with ‘stolen tag’ written on cardboard, deputies say
Chaotic Footage Shows Deer Crashing Through Minnesota Butcher Shop's Glass Door
Bengal tiger cub discovered at Albuquerque shooting
Press Trust of India: DRDO's Young Scientist Laboratory team creating 'rat cyborgs' for Intelligence Surveillance and Recovery ops of security forces
Fugitive cows in Quebec captured after months on the run | CBC News
Pigeon wearing crystal meth 'like a backpack' caught inside B.C. prison yard | CBC News
Palestinian village elder accuses Israel of training cattle as spies -