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So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 5: Technical Art - YouTube
Technical Artist Job: How To Prepare, What To Expect - YouTube
What does a Technical Artist do?
Gamasutra - The Code/Art Divide: How Technical Artists Bridge The Gap
Ryan Wang ´╝╗Technical Artist´╝Ż
An Artist's Real Time 3D Glossary
Beautiful, Yet Friendly Part 1: Stop Hitting the Bottleneck
Beautiful, Yet Friendly Part 2: Maximizing Efficiency
Realtime Rendering - Overview and Optimisations for 3D Artists - YouTube
Introduction to Shading (What is Shading: Light-Matter interaction)
Game Art - Tips, tricks, and tutorials: 'Face-Weighted Vertex Normals' - YouTube
ARTtech seminar: Miro Vesterinen: Custom vertex normals & the Medium-poly workflow - YouTube
Game Assets - Medium Polygon Modeling - Part 1 - YouTube
Game Assets - Weighted Vertex Normals (Medium Polygon Modeling) - YouTube
Game Art Tricks | Simon schreibt.
Tech Art Aid - YouTube
Disney's Frozen A Material Point Method For Snow Simulation - YouTube
Whitepapers - polycount
Uncharted 4's Technical Art Culture - YouTube
The Future Of 3D Game Development Technology
The Future of Art Production in Games - YouTube
Promethean AI: The Tricks of Learning Game Art
The Next Leap: How A.I. will change the 3D industry - Andrew Price - YouTube
The Python Tutorial — Python 3.7.2 documentation
Houdini | SideFX
Ecosystem simulation
MCVersus Vista (Houdini-Clarisse-Terragen) - Procedural modeling - YouTube
The Procedural Nature of the Horizon Zero Dawn
Procedural Technology in Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Vegetation Generation in Ghost Recon Wildlands
Benefits of Procedural Materials
Step by Step Approach to Material Production
Building Materials in Substance Designer with Mark Foreman
The Beginner's Guide to Physically Based Rendering in Unity - Treehouse Blog
Physically-Based Rendering, And You Can Too! | Marmoset
PBR Texture Conversion | Marmoset
Game environments – Part A: rendering Remember Me | fxguide
Sean's Vive Dev Blog: Multi-Texture Materials in UE4
The Next Frontier of Texturing Workflows | allegorithmic
Translucent Water Detail in Unreal Engine 4
Official ZBrush Summit 2016 Presentation - Naughty Dog - YouTube
Uncharted 4: The Art of Yibing Jiang - article | CGSociety
PlayStation Experience | Modeling Nathan Drake: Bringing an Iconic Character to PS4 Panel - YouTube
Making of Paragon Characters - CGMeetup : Community for CG & Digital Artists
The Food Thief RIGG - Technical breakdown. - YouTube
Facial Rigging Methods | Paul Neale
Just Cause 4 Rigs · Cole O'Brien
Stumbling Toward 'Awesomeness'Multi-Resolution Facial Rigging - Stumbling Toward 'Awesomeness'
The tech of Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome | fxguide
Gamasutra - The Secrets Of Cloth Simulation In Alan Wake
OverMorpher PoseSpace Workflow 1 on Vimeo
Animation in Games: Function and Automation
Animation Bootcamp: An Indie Approach to Procedural Animation - YouTube
The Animation Pipeline of Overwatch - YouTube
Animation Bootcamp: The First Person Animation of Overwatch - YouTube
Bringing Hell to Life: AI and Full Body Animation in DOOM - YouTube
GDC Vault - The Animation of HALO REACH: Raising the Bar
Jonathan Cooper - Game Anim
Hellblade | Development diary: Making a virtual human | PS4 - YouTube
Hellblade Live Performance & Real-Time Animation | GDC 2016 Event Coverage | Unreal Engine - YouTube
From Previs to Final in Five Minutes | Siggraph 2016 | Full Presentation - YouTube
Hellblade Development Diary 18: The Shoot Set Up - YouTube
Digital Humans: Crossing the Uncanny Valley in UE4 | GDC 2016 Event Coverage | Unreal Engine - YouTube
The Making of the SIGGRAPH Senua Demo & Aug #ue4jam Kickoff | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube
GDC Vault - Photogrammetry and 'Star Wars Battlefront'
GDC Vault - Photogrammetry and 'Star Wars Battlefront'
Gamasutra: Joseph Azzam's Blog - The Workflows of Creating Game Ready Textures and Assets using Photogrammetry
Time for destruction: the tech of Quantum Break | fxguide