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(6) Mike Yoder on Twitter: "“Trump will disappear in 2020 or even sooner.” - @georgesoros Wake up, America." / Twitter
QAnon Post / Q Anon Drop #4403
(8) The Hill on Twitter: "#BREAKING: DC Mayor Muriel Bowser criticizes fencing around White House: "That’s the People’s House. It's a sad commentary that the house & its inhabitants have to be walled off... We should want the White House to be opened up for people to be able to access it from all sides."" / Twitter
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Goal | Definition of Goal at
Pelosi demands Trump clarify deployment of unidentified law enforcement in DC | TheHill
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(8) Dan Scavino on Twitter: "⚡️Tonight in D.C. via @wusa9" / Twitter
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(8) Mayor Muriel Bowser on Twitter: "New Jersey @GovMurphy: I request that you remove your National Guard from our city. They were brought to the District without my knowledge and request. I appreciate your service, but your presence encroaches on the rights of 705,000 tax-paying residents." / Twitter
(12) It's going to be biblical - YouTube